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Alabama Board Of Nursing

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The Alabama Board of Nursing obtains primary source verification of education prior to issuance of licenses.  For advanced practice nurses, primary source verification of certification occurs prior to issuance of approval.

License Lookup on the Board’s web site is not considered primary source verification.  An update is run only once a day.  However, subscribers to the group online license verification system can count on the system for primary source verification.  For more information about the group online license verification system for employers of nurses, click here.

Alabama’s Center for Nursing was developed as a result of the current nursing shortage. By the 1990s, the shortage had become an issue for the State’s nursing leaders.

As the critical nature of the nursing workforce intensified, the Alabama Board of Nursing committed itself to providing leadership and facilitation in addressing the shortage. The Alabama State Nurses’ Association Commission on Professional Issues met in March 2003. The Commission recommended that the Board of Nursing develop and implement a Center for Nursing within the existing ABN organization.

Because of the Center’s valuable connection to Alabama’s Board of Nursing, the need for constant fundraising is eliminated, although sustaining the Center through grant writing is an important function of the Center’s Director, Dr. Allison Terry.

The first state-level nursing workforce entity was created by statute in North Carolina in 1991. The Robert Wood Johnson Colleagues in Caring: Collaboratives for Nursing Workforce Development (1996-2002) created funding and direction for expanding state and regional entities for nurse workforce planning and development. Today, there are over 30 such initiatives.

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