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No Clinical Experience in CA But Looking For CNA Job

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I have seen many people are seeking for CNA but without clinical experience. Some do have RN and just graduated from CNA. When they are looking for a CNA job, unusually resume shows they are CNA. But the problem is most hospital require one year at least clinical experience. If you are not going to say you are a RN, the HR can still get your correct status online, it shows “CNA licence: RN licence is active“. You are no way to hide.

We would suggest that keep doing your RN job, since RN is tally different from CNA. If you change to CNA for years you might tally forget about RN’s doing. Just like a bear get a coin throw away another.

In California, there are many hospital than other states. Therefore you may stay for keeping looking a job. People may try several places to get some opportunities:long-term facility, Hospitals, nursing home. In San Bernardino County there are lot of places you may try to get a good CNA job.