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Want to move to L.A. to get start a new life!

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Like the title says, I want to move to L.A. to get a job and start a new life. I have been finding problems with that because every job post says that I need to have a Cali driver’s license. I can’t get the license without an address, and I can’t get an apartment without a job. haha So how do I go forward from there. I do know one person that lives there but he is unwilling to help because he is so busy with his work schedule. Therefore, I will have to do this on my own. How hard would it be to move there and get a job and snatch an apartment. I am probably thinking into this so much and I know there are going to be people that say that it is too hard. Before anyone asks, I have a pretty good amount of money saved up to make the trek, I just need to know how to do it. Any suggestions will be helpful.

PS I have responded to craigslists post about apartments and job but I have had no replies for the last week or so.

Los Angeles is an expensive place to live. I went there in 2012 with about six thousand dollars and a place to live, but couldn’t find anything long term and exhausted my savings.

Would your friend let you use his address to get a driver’s licence? I don’t mean live there; just use the address.

source: craigslist.org

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