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Contact Information for State Boards of Nursing A-F

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Alabama Department of Public Health, Division of Licensure and Certification 201 Monroe Street, Montgomery, AL 36130-3900 Phone: 334-206-4530 Alaska Division of Communication and Economics, Occupational Licensing,Nurse Aide Registry 3601 C Street, Ste. 722, Anchorage, AL 99501-3567 Phone: 907-269-8969 American Samoa Health Services Regulatory Board LBJ Tropical Medical Center ,Pago Pago, AS 96799 Phone:684-633-1869 […]

Introduction Of Alabama Long Term Care System

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Alabama system of long-term care depends heavily on institutional services, despite government efforts to increase HCBS Home and Community or. Indeed, records more than 10,000 people receiving Medicaid waiver services in 2001, compared to about 16 700 people in nursing homes. And he still has waiting lists for waiver programs, but due to financial constraints, […]

Alabama Board Of Nursing

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The Alabama Board of Nursing obtains primary source verification of education prior to issuance of licenses.  For advanced practice nurses, primary source verification of certification occurs prior to issuance of approval. License Lookup on the Board’s web site is not considered primary source verification.  An update is run only once a day.  However, subscribers to […]