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Nursing Assistants Similar Occupations Job Duties And Pay

May 22, 2014 by  
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According to job market statistic we create a list of similar occupations with job duties that are similar to those of nursing assistants. Registered Nurses is the hard one but it worth to pursue your career. Job Duties: Registered nurses (RNs) provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions, […]

CNA OPT Working Permit

December 17, 2013 by  
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I just finished CNA last year and doing pre-nursing at same nursing school. Hopefully will begin a nursing program May next year. I was wondering if its helpful to get the CNA license in order to get a better job. How about chance of nursing home? Answer: if you can apply OPT, you can work […]

List of US Nurse Duties In General

December 16, 2013 by  
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In north America as a registered nurse there is a little difference between US and Canada. In general nurse duties and responsibilities (staff nurse duties and responsibilities) are same. RN does more responsibilities in health workplace. Here shows some of facts. General duty registered nurses perform some or all of the following duties: Assess patients […]

Got a Nursing Home Offer

December 14, 2013 by  
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Just got a nursing home offer, its a night shift. The problem is I never had experience in night shift. Does anyone have something to say. The offer only does 8 days orientation, which is $34/hour. Not bad at all. Actually I had nursing home job once, but I got laid off. Scared me out […]

What A Terrible Day Missed Heparin

December 12, 2013 by  
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Yesterday night shift exchange, the nursing director told me a new patient’ heparin drip just release hold around 6am. I dont have too much ward experience. I just realized the patient did not have heparin after I went to ward to do assessment. I was busy on giving 9am meds. At 9:30 I called MD, […]

Ward Nurse Real Experience

December 11, 2013 by  
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Because I am working for an educational hospital, its not difficult to find a doctor. Basically, everyday between 5-6 am INTERN will be ward round once. At 9 am, fellow and attending will get bunch of people come to listen INTERN’s reports and update medical orders. Therefore, after nurses dispensing, we will do new medical […]

CNA and LPN do not belong to Schedule A

December 11, 2013 by  
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Schedule A is a shortage of professional in US? It was, include physical therapists and RNs. In March 2005, US Congress gave unused 50K green card to Schedule A. Till Dec 2006, all quota are gone. Right now, there is no shortcut for nurse applicants. Just like regular EB3, only different is no need perm. […]

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