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Good Samaritan Hospital LA Care Manager Hiring

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Good Samaritan Hospital LA has more than 1600 employees which is multi-cultural staff and plus 650 physicians. Patients give high rate score for the staff, quote one here”I was rushed to the emergency room this past weekend. Even though I was in a lot of pain they took really good care of me. The staff […] jobs open

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Full time and part time opening on day shift and part time opening on pms. These positions are eligible for benefits.  Position:Nurses & CNA openings Employment Term: Regular Employment Type: Full or Part Time Hours per Week:24 – 40 Work Hours (i.e. shift): 1st & 2nd shift Starting Salary Range: Not Provided Salary/Benefit Notes: […]

Where Do Nursing Assistants Work

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Before you become a nursing assistant, you may concern about nursing assistant working conditions. That is most important thing in your career which come with you every moment. You should know about Work Environment, Injuries and Illnesses and Work Schedules. Nursing assistants held about 1.5 million jobs in 2013. Orderlies held about 54,600 jobs in […]

Real Life Stories of Being CNA

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I collect some of CNAs stories here, hopefully you make sense that being a CNA could make money enough to feed your babies or even your husband. As well as we will talk about medical coverage and bonus benefits. I have a black woman colleague who is only one does income in here family. She […]

Excited And Nervous For A Nursing Program

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There is a situation that one just begin a LPN system Aug 26th, 2013. she has type of a strange query, but has anyone who has gone through clinicals had to use their guides while at clinicals? she is just asking, because she has to purchase guides these days, but her details credit score only […]

83 Nursing Interview Questions And Answers

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It is also a wise decision to show excellent business abilities as well to the meeting panel member, which can be achieved by having a duplicate of your CV or continue, a record of sources, and a record of ready concerns to ask. Hiring managers always ask prospective applicants they are meeting with if there […]

RN vs LVN vs CNA

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One of my friends said, “good RN must first have the LVN/CNA qualification”, the argument is very interesting, I have never heard this story before, never thought about this argument: First of all, I can’t find any on the Internet about CNA (Certified Nurse Aid) of professional organizations, CNA make a phone call to ask […]

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