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Is the CNA Test Hard? Tips On How To Make Things Easier for You

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If we had a dollar every time we heard or read the question “Is the CNA test hard”, we’d be rolling in the dough. That bit of metaphor aside, many people planning to take the CNA examination are worried about how challenging it is. Think of it this way: it is an exam meant to […]

Challenging The CNA Board Exam Without Training

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I am a student of pre-nursing thought to the CNA, while in school but I had no money and training time .. I went to Barnes and Noble and had a book for the nursing assistant and was wondering if you can take the exam.Can not be right, but as far as I know you […]

Do Not Tremble To The CNA Exam

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Practice, practice, practice. Practice with peers and friends. The flash cards may also be helpful. In addition, YouTube has many videos that show a simulated skills tests. You may find that it helps to watch someone else do it and it will give you an idea of what it will. Interview with “patient” should not […]

Practice Test For Certified Nursing Assistant

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People interested in becoming a registered nurse (CNA) should be compassionate and have a strong desire to help and improve the lives of others. The task is not easy and can often be very stressful and difficult. However, it also can be very rewarding. Patience with self-confidence and maturity, is relevant to the profession. Strong […]

Helpful Tips For CNA Test Examinees

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At the end of nursing assistant training, certification is a step toward the CNA test. This is the last and most important step towards the goal of becoming a certified nursing assistant, then you must make all necessary preparations to ensure that you succeed. Here are some tips on how to move the CNA test […]

Why Should You Take Practice Test To Be a CNA?

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Tests, no matter what you all have one thing in common; nerves. So you’ve signed up to become a certified nursing assistant and have exams soon, but just read any book, from cover to cover. Well, not just rely on a textbook, why not take practice test instead? Questions about how you can help? Then read […]

Some Advice To Pass Your CNA Exam

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To become a nurse assistant is a big boost for a great career. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that employment opportunities for the CNA increased by 35 percent over the next five years. To obtain the appointment of an assistant nurse, you must be over the age of 18 years, must be controlled by police […]

How to Purchase New And Used Nursing Textbooks

If you enroll in the plan of care and are concerned about how to buy a new or used textbooks, do not worry. There are several ways to obtain them. You can buy both new and used textbooks online from various publishers directly. This can add up to some significant savings for the public. You […]

Examples of How The Affairs Of The CNA Can Make A Difference

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If you are studying to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, sample testing questions for CNA exams can be an excellent way to prepare you for the steps ahead of you. Becoming a CNA is a process that takes hard work and dedication,but it’s worth it when you are certified and ready to help people start and continue a new career. But before you get there, you must take the exam CNA, CNA, and sample questions to help you prepare for exams to the test.


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Sample test questions for CNA exam can help you get ready for the NNAAP (National Nurse Aide Assessment Program) certification exam. 1. When providing foot care to the diabetic patient, the CNA would do all of the following EXCEPT: a. Use a cotton tipped applicator to clean around the toenails b. Wash the feet with warm, soapy water, rinse and dry well c. Cut the toenails to keep them from catching on the patient’s socks d. Soak the feet in warm water for five minutes 2. You have been asked to collect a sputum sample, when is the best time to do this: a. In the morning when the patient first awakes b. Within an hour after the patient has eaten c. Mid-afternoon when the patient has rested d. In the evening just before the patient goes to sleep 3. Your patient has a sign over their bed which reads NPO. What does this mean: a. The patient cannot have anything to eat or drink after midnight b. The patient cannot have anything to eat or drink without checking with the charge nurse c. The patient cannot have anything to eat or drink at anytime d. The patient can have a normal diet 4. You have been asked to take a radial pulse on a patient. Where can the pulse be located: a. Chest b. Wrist c. Groin d. Ankle 5. The patient that you are caring for has just returned to the unit after having abdominal surgery. What observation should be reported immediately to the charge nurse: a. The patient’s IV solution is dripping regularly into the IV line b. The patient complains of pain after awaking from general anesthesia c. The patient’s systolic blood pressure falls 5mmHg below the preoperative systolic blood pressure d. The patient’s skin is pink and slightly warm to the touch 6. Which of the following can be included on a clear liquid diet: a. Vanilla ice cream b. Skim milk c. Lemon popsicle d. Strained orange juice 7. The purpose of keeping a record of intake and output is to: a. Find out the amount of time between drinking fluids and urinating b. See if the patient is urinating enough […]