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Certified Nurse Aide and copies of Medical Malpractice

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Certified nurse aide or a CNA, is the assistant nurses in hospitals or clinics. Work closely with patients and meet basic care such as bathing, grooming, feeding and moving patients. They also help the nurses and medical equipment to monitor patient’s vital signs. Even if you do not have the same obligations that doctors and nurses are doing, they are still capable of causing harm to patients if they work carelessly or negligently. CNAs require only a high school diploma or GED and completion of 12 weeks 6 CNA certificate program – which are usually completed community college or a hospital. Once the program is ready to work can work directly with patients.

Despite the fact that CNAs are not involved in the diagnosis or direct treatment of patients, they continue to work closely with vulnerable patients and can cause injury or death. This is particularly true for patients who must be treated very gently to avoid damage such as patients in intensive care or nursing home. One of the main jobs of the CNA move patients or help move patients. Patients who are particularly vulnerable or osteoporosis can suffer greatly from a crude manipulation by the CNAS. CNA malpractice usually occur because of:

* The rough handling of patients
* Failing to be sanitary by washing hands frequently and changing gloves between patients
* Failing to respond to a patient’s requests

Every person that works with patients in a hospital should be held to the same high standard of patient care.