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The Items In A Nurse’s Bag

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Every day when I go to work, I pack a small blue bag. It is nothing special, just a clear one side, blue on the one hand, and on zipper. If I get a badge picure horrible and washed out my name and school and that I am also nurse.In assorted pencils. Pens that I bought at Walmart, pharmacy representatives pens (my favorite), and the feathers that appear out of nowhere and find their way into my change bag.I and have a few extra dollars to stave off hunger are not lunch or dinner. I really can not be packed in something healthy for tomorrow.

A tube of lip balm, a half used the lipstick and mascara on the round things on ……. if I could but these are the things that I wish I could make .. Extra Patience – because when I have more phone calls than the ears and more families, all of which require my attention at the same time.A 90 minutes of clock – so when the clock is ticking and I see that I have 17 patients to determine if, and only 30 minutes from time to quit, that I woud have enough time to finish and still have time to make a more-round.Hugs-one for each of my residents. And one more to a family member who was a guard bed of his mother, who is in his last hours of life.

Prayers – Silent you pleased with them, a word from them. Prayers of thanksgiving to the Lord, your help and support as well as those who simply ask for help. But everyone heart.Extra set of hands – hands that are not committed to keeping someone else. Hands are kind of removal. Hands that can sense the fear, to understand the pain, to give a gentle compression to build confidence, and hands that could heal touch.Eyes–Eyes that could see a person who can not speak. Eyes that have seen evil. Eyes to calm a new tenant who is scared and wants to go home. But wait, I did all these already. I need all the help it has chosen me to be a nurse. Great doctor. What supports me, makes me, loves me and is next to me every day I go to work. Thank you Jesus for all this and more.