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The Lines Of Nursing: Love It Or Hate It

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There are days when nothing seems right. Each teacher will be angry, because I do not intend to send a child home, that their opinion “medical” should not be in his class. Every parent is angry, because I asked for a medical certificate issued once their child has symptoms of strep or pink eye, or any other contagious disease du jour. Every administrator wants my help with the project, or want me to babysit a student X, and I have two reports due this week and it is already too late. These are the days that all the frequent flyer program, and agency nurses decide, as if with one voice, which is“sick”. These days, Pre-K teacher discovers lice crawl ends at least two of his students. These days I fantasize about a boring, poorly paid and the office work to low responsibility, as I do of my past.

There are also days when I think about the problems facing the nursing profession, and I wonder if it is never resolved. I remember very well why I went to hospital to nursing school, and I think my brothers and sisters in the struggle are still there. I think the personal reasons of paperwork possible impossible and the impossible goal of perfection. I remember the loneliness of working at night while the world sleeps, and the sadness I felt when I got home about to fall like my husband went to work. Two ships passing in the night.

So I think some touching stories I have read in all nurses. I remember that the new graduates who believe they are served for dinner by nurses with more experience, and I remember that like them. I believe that recent graduates can not find employment in this economy, while the rest of the country always seems to be a shortage of nurses. I think that the nurses who have been scapegoated by the co-workers or government. I remember the nurses who are devastated because of a mistake they made, which is actually more of a system failure of individual weakness. In any case, the nurse is to blame. All these stories and more colors my perception of nursing care in those days.

Then there are days that are good. Something a child says Funnybones touches my heart and tickles. A teacher, parent, or a director tells me thank you very much and I know they mean. The student who tried to get a vision test in my office for months dance to show their new glasses a lot. I have a hug. I have a smile. I go to work knowing that I have made a difference in the lives of at least one child. During these days, I remember why I left the boring world of office work, and I can not imagine ever returning to this question. In all honesty, I still feel the pull of weak veterinary school, but it eliminates (at least for now). I am thinking these days, thanks for my blessings and love my job and my career.

I still think of a story read, even those good days. However, the good days, I think that enables nurses to do something to improve our collective situation. Who accepts the status quo can not be changed. I am encouraged by the stories of nurses to be together. I’m thinking of stories about leadership and am proud of these nurses ranks as phenomenal. I think that’s funny stuff and wonder how we can maintain the sense of humor in difficult times. I hope that with the leadership of care, and I look forward to being part of the revolution.