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The Rights of Medical Malpractice Victims

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Many reports have been released over the past 10 years regarding medical errors every year in the United States.  According to the Institute of Medicine approximately 98,000 deaths are reported and they could have been prevented.  In 2006, another study showed that millions of people were victims of medication errors.  Even yet, medical errors are responsible for hundred of thousands of injuries.

These medical errors are not exclusively done by doctors; nurses can also be responsible for these errors.  Nurses have the same obligations as a doctor and they must live by them.  However, there are cases when a nurse is negligent and that neglect can lead to an injury.  This is referred to as nurse malpractice.

Factors that Contribute to Nursing Malpractice

Nurse negligence cases are more common these last few years.  The reason for this is there is a shortage in skilled, trained nurses. 

When there is a shortage of nurses some problems may arise:

  • Nurses must work longer hours.  When working longer hours fatigue can take over and the risk of an error increases.  A study in 2004 showed when a shift lasted over 12.5 hours, nurse malpractice increased dramatically.
  • Nurse’s aides who are not licensed are hired to fill the shortage of registered nurses.

Even miscommunication can be a factor in mistakes made by nurses.  This is rarely intentional but the results are just as devastating. 

Common Types of Errors made by Nurses

There are countless kinds of nursing errors, however the most frequently seen are:

  • Not following doctor’s orders
  • Not monitoring a patient when needed
  • Wrong dosage was distributed or medicine was given to wrong patient
  • Medical procedures are carried out without required qualifications

When an error happens like the above, the following can happen: 

  • Damage of the organs
  • Drug toxicity
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Infection
  • Coma
  • Death

Have You Been Injured by Malpractice? 

Every medical professional, including nurses have a duty to give their patients the highest level of care.  If the level of care is compromised, then the victim has a legal right to take action.

If you are a victim of nurse malpractice you may be entitled to some compensation.  You are entitled to lost wages, medical costs, mental anguish, and other related expenses.  If this resulted in a death, you may be able to recover funeral expenses, loss of a loved one and more.

There are legal deadlines in cases of malpractice by nurses, so as soon as you think your injury is a result of nurse malpractice, bring your case to a professional lawyer.

Contact A Medical Lawyer Today

A medical lawyer will offer a free evaluation of your case and they will advise you of your legal choices.

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