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Arsonist! Love it!!!

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A successful day averages of medicine, right? It’s the weekend, no chef in sight, and I’m ready to nurse again do a great job. Still do not feel comfortable in my skin, but begins to be in a “routine.” Heck, it was Sunday and nothing can go wrong, right? NO. Here I am moseying in the hallway, taking care of business. VS before digging, crushing, and therefore, the drugs, not much Dilantin capsule, put in a little applesauce. Rinse the ankle. “Med impersonate you.” “Open, you can go.” “Now swallow.” large drink. “” Swallow “,” good job “.” The time control of the battery, clean it with alcohol. “Just a stick.” Blood Sugar 270, a sliding scale. Here we go, time for lunch. Everything was good. A deal, right?

Suddenly, I have the fire alarm goes off. My heart leaped for the throat and straps on the floor and stops … What should I do, I’m caught in a panic. I can not move. What did they say at school. What was I learned to do in this situation?

In a sudden burst of 100% pure adrenaline, I slam on my med cart closed to lock it and make a bee line of fire alarm control panel. Are already in full swing. I see an area that is flashing and I head there, crying, back to the attendant to check each room and shut the door, having done so. I do not smell of smoke, I do not see any smoke, but what the hell is going on? I decided to be ready, that’s what the school taught me the correct one. I grab my fire extinguisher and go my way. I’m singing over and over in my head.

What am I forgetting? I know I’m forgetting something. I’m running and in the corridors, looking in rooms, closets, bathroom. Nothing. I’m Nellie quietly leaning against the wall and asked to go to his room. She shakes her head no. I signal to aid the process while I try to save the nursing home and all my residents. Nurse Suzy-Q to the rescue.

CAREER … remove, activate, close doors, turn off. Delete, Activate, Close the doors off.

STEP …. Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep. Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep.

This continues for several minutes, the excitement in the air so thick it could choke. Everyone gets a little ‘nervous and angry. For me, I have not found the fire, residents are in danger, can I leave? Then it sounds like here. Sirens of the fire. Courses to meet them, extenguisher hand. “Lord, I can not find the fire. …. I can not find” In response to “We.” I think they are swept into the nursing facility and get to the fire station …. They show, and then turns to look at me and smiles. “Madam, it seems that you have a really big problem …. Maybe ….” My heart belongs arsonist, a strong country, if I take a step, for sure I’m going to walk …. They see the look on my face as head down to the nursing facility. Why can not they move faster? I do it myself?

I have followed closely and see them pointing to my little Nellie. Nellie ol Sweet right? NO. She will not budge from its position against the wall. The firefighter asked him to withdraw too. She shouts: “I is not goin ‘no wheres to get the sound outta my ears.” Firefighters are trying to move her hand and she covers them with a spray of saliva. Finally, when a firefighter behind her and places his hand on the wall behind his back. I see him play something when suddenly everything is quiet. My ears are literally buzzing all rackets of the siren … He turns to me and said: “. Like someone pulled the fire alarm madame “We glare at Nellie, who says:” It’s hot here. “