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As A Nurse-Here You Can Not Compare The Past

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What do you think of when you hear the word nurse? Myself, I imagine someone starched, full-length white dress with matching socks, shoes and hat. I see him with a tray full of bottles of medicine and a smoked glass mercury thermometer. It ‘s time for a stereotyped idea, right? What a blast from the past! Modern nurses are anything but old fashioned starch and hat day.

Professional I am about to present, nurses yesterday and today are very different, but they are the same thing.

Since education is the first step, this is where it begins.

Yesterday, the nurses were actually trained and led by a doctor. They learned in the field of nursing, with real patients and real situations. When the doctor felt he had enough training, these nurses have been implemented. They were very fortunate to have on hand, real world training.

By contrast, today’s nurses are taught mostly by nurses. Most of the school consists of classrooms banal, full of books and simulated situations. The amount of time spent in actual clinical settings with hands on training is small compared to the amount of time in the classroom. Before nurses can practice modern, must pass a State Board to demonstrate competence. Today, nurses are taught what is called nursing book Ivory Tower, which means it is ideal, not what is real. The main difference is the conditions under which each of these practices.

Nurses yesterday were forced to engage in very difficult conditions. The washing of hands, infertility, and personal protection are unknown concepts. body fluids, germs and dirt has been moved from one patient to another. A true and loyal were rare, and there was no such thing as a private room. They are treated in uncontrolled sepsis and dirty critters roaming the floors of their domain names.

Instead, nurses did today in the shade! Modern technology has produced some very nice services. Hand washing is very lively and antibacterial soaps are readily available. The procedures were performed according to strict guidelines for sterility and cleanliness. If the procedures and protocols are followed, the transfer of microorganisms is practically nonexistent. stock supply rooms are also very practical. If something is not there a phone call to central supply to get what you need. Like most modern facilities with private rooms and semi-private, now nurses can care for their patients in a comfortable environment where cleanliness is promoted and the creatures to visit is strictly prohibited. The third point I want to address is the difference in the degree of autonomy possessed by each professional.

Nurse hours were not allowed to have a voice. The articles I’ve read about this that reminds me of a scolded puppy with his tail between his legs bent. But this was not the fault of the nurse, is just the way it was back then. The doctor was regarded as a true education and always right. Any nurse that contradicts their decisions also had to face his wrath. Very often, a patient’s real needs are not met because of this. Yesterday nurses learned to follow the doctor and stick to tasks such as dressing changes and activities of daily living.

The extension of the practice has grown considerably, and the nurses of today have a lot of autonomy and responsibility. Why are the first line of treatment, is expected to speak and express their concerns. The patient’s position in a large part of modern nursing. E ‘responsibilities of nurses’ to ensure that the needs of their patients and achievements. judgments can be made to care for some procedures and actions of drugs.

There’s even a big difference in appearance between yesterday and today. Of course, how to dress for each is the date and time, but yesterday nurses were much more limited in their options. Their uniforms consisted of a total length starched white dress shirt cuff and apron, white socks and shoes. She was crowned by the timeless symbol of nursing, little starched white hat. I can only imagine how bulky and uncomfortable it must have been. The fitted bodice has been hot and very restrictive of movement, while the skirt and apron as simply pulls.

Nurses uniform today are for appearance and functionality. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. The clothes are loose, lightweight and comfortable and allow freedom of movement. The uniform pants are designed in the same way and most have much money to the nurses of today to carry around five pounds of necessities such as scissors and tape. In addition, the privacy of these professionals also have two notable differences.

Nurses were expected yesterday to lead a solitary life. They do not marry and have kids. These people must be dedicated to the work of their lives were 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Can you imagine what is called in the middle of the night and having to connect a horse and cart in freezing temperatures, with three feet of snow on frozen ground? I know that a cow would have to say the least!

By contrast, nurses and families today have a life. No more work in their lives. Most employers emphasize the importance of home and family. The state of the call for nurses today is to hang around a phone for the duration of their shift and nothing else. They also have the comfort of a motor vehicle driven by the heat! In fact, there are many differences in the professional and personal life of yesterday and today.

In practice yesterday, the nurse would make a day of nurses shiver of terror. I have great respect and admiration for nurses in the past. They were tenacious, tireless, and he believed just as much for what they did modern nurses do. Although the differences in practice are great, nurses are nurses yesterday and today the same thing, that the intention was / is responsible for other human beings and to obtain the highest possible quality of life. This will never change, and I think the majority of Miss Florence Nightingale would be proud of what has become his profession.

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