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Become A Certified Nursing Assistant With Free CNA Training

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As we know that there are different types of nurses and carrying out different tasks accordingly. It begins with a week of training that only leads to certification. Then you have the training from 9 to 18 months, which will take you to an exam. After passing the exam, started working as a licensed practical nurse. Then there is a nursing degree to become a registered nurse or nurse. A nurse examines all the characteristics reported in patient care. There are 60% of registered nurses working in different hospitals. Nurses work among the highest in nurses in hospitals. That’s why oversee both LPN and Certified Nursing Assistants.There are three ways to become a nurse. The first is the four-year degree from a university. Many universities offer baccalaureate nursing known as the Bachelor of Science in Nursing BSN. There is an associate degree, where you spend 2-3 years in schools and colleges and at the end of this course and you can have an associate degree. The third way to become an RN, the nursing diploma from a hospital. Most nurses are registered nurses with diploma in nursing. After graduation, there is a licensing exam called the NCLEX-RN mandatory for all students to succeed in qualifying for practice. Nurses can not practice without passing the licensing exam.

After passing the exam, you are allowed to work as a nurse. In hospitals, the majority of nurses working as a nurse with experience and skills to be promoted. There is a great career progress as you work. In management, you can get promoted as a unit manager or head nurse. The nurse can also search the school nurse to have at least three years experience. There are certification exams, they must pass. Nurses must have a compassionate personality and emotionally stable, they must work with people injured due to uncooperative behavior with a patient can be very stressful.

It ‘s a big job opportunities for nurses. Bachelor’s Degree BSN nurses have more career development for students with diploma and associate degree in hospital. Bachelor’s graduates can also go to administrative duties, consulting and teaching. But most work in hospitals and medical training for the remaining work ‘offices and nursing services.

They work 40 hours per week and work for 5 days in different shifts as rotating evening shifts, morning and evening as well. There are usually changes in 8 hours, but sometimes have to stay in overtime. Nurses also work on weekends and holidays as well. They are very well paid. Minimum salary starts from $ 43.410 to $ 92.240 per year. The change is due to experience. In some states, rates of pay are low, but it also applies to those qualities.