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Being A Tudent,These Simple Truths May Be just What We Needed

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My colleagues and I were sitting at the nurse’s station the other morning, after a fierce 12-hour shifts. It was the first time we sat for more than 10 minutes all night. We were asleep, exhausted and slightly annoyed. As we sat to rest our poor feet, arrived nurses on the floor. Make in their crisp white uniforms, we looked down on our wrinkly scrub. Make them bright, shiny side, I sneaked a peak of my colleagues. Our hair was hanging in my face, mascara streaked under our eyes and on top of that, we could barely put three words together to form a sentence. We’ve been booed!

I spoke first.My fellow nurses nodded agreeably.My charge nurse spoke next.”Should we tell them to run now…before it’s too late?”We all laughed, then instantly sobered.

I got to thinking …. If I was a student nurse again, what I wonder? What made my transition from student to nurse easier? If I were to mentor a student, what would I say? I’ll tell them that being a nurse means that you have achieved your goal. You did it! You are now one of us. So go ahead, hang on and get ready for the ride of your life.As a nurse, you are bound to many things: We are teachers. Doctors have no time to teach patients what they need to know about their condition. That’s where nurses come in. You’ll learn how to do a little teaching whenever you face to face with your patients. We are advisors. At times, we help our patients and their families to use coping strategies. Sometimes all we need do is listen. Sometimes we are the enemy. Some patients not really be told what to do. Sometimes they are angry or scared. They unleash … to you.

The nurses did not learn everything they need to know the first day of the first week, the first month. There is a steep learning curve. Take time to get used to your first job. Do not blame yourself because you think you are learning fast enough. And do not let others beat you either. If anyone seems to give you much trouble, tell them kindly and with a smile: “I’m still learning.” As a nurse, you learn to use all resources at your disposal. This means nursing colleagues, encyclopedias, pharmacist, social worker and doctors. After a while, you learn that love to share their knowledge and did not.

As a nurse, you witness the miracles and mayhem. You learn to be compassionate, but strong. Sometimes, the challenges and strengthen you some escape. Be careful when making friends with fellow nurses. Note that not all what they seem. If your workplace feels suffocating and toxic, it probably is. Maintains a positive attitude in a toxic environment is extremely difficult. Do not feel bad if you decide to leave for greener pastures.

As a nurse, you will have good and bad days. You will see people in their best and worst case. Sometimes it seems that if you do not make any difference, but even if you touch the life of someone you’ve done your job.