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Brought Tears To My Eyes

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Antonio was admitted to the pediatric unit, a night with breathing problems. We do not have a Pedi ICU, but he was assigned an experienced nurse and connected to various monitors. IS had been diagnosed with respiratory distress, but over time the primary nurse was more worried. She tried to hide his anxiety from parents, immigrants from Mexico who spoke little or no English. Mom wanted to stay in bed with the four years, but is it too difficult to manage his care, so she had to sit beside the bed. She held his face to hers, whispering softly to Antonio. Dad stood behind her with his hands on the shoulders of VAT. The three were physically connected.

The primary care nurse and myself, the nurse called the doctor on duty on several occasions on our growing concern about the situation of Antonio. breathing treatments were not working. Blood gases were marginal. The doctor told us, gave us more control, but found it necessary to visit Antonio in spite of our calls. We wanted Antonio to a Dallas hospital, but doctors thought we were exaggerating. Finally, I called the Comptroller of the House (for the third time!) And he insisted that initiate a chain of command. To the House, the emergency physician, therapist, pharmacist, respiratory been shown to brainstorm. The doctor arrived, a little out of discomfort. At this time Antonio’s heartbeat had dropped to 60 beats / min and the nurse called a primary code. Antonio died that night with his parents in the room, crying like work.

Our state requires an autopsy ordered all die within 24 hours of admission, unless the doctor overwritten. Physics in shock. He could not believe that the child was ill. A nurse had put him down, and left him behind. At the same time I was older console. Although I traveled a lot and have had many different cultures, I speak only English. I organized medicine through a telephone interpreter. Parents can hardly speak, but it was clear they were furious about the need for an autopsy. The doctor wanted one because of circumstances. Why was Anthony is dead? The parents wanted to take home, and Antonio have to wake up in their home, surrounded by friends and family and their priest. But no. Antonio did not go home.

Our state requires an autopsy ordered by death within 24 hours of admission, unless overridden by the physician. Medical management was in shock. I could not believe that the child had been sick. A nurse had set, and let it heal. Meanwhile, I had relatives in the console. Although I am well-traveled and have been exposed to many cultures, do not speak English. I managed to have a medical interpreter through the telephone line. Parents can barely speak, but it was obvious they were outraged by the need for an autopsy. The doctor wanted a cause of the circumstances. Why Antonio is dead? Parents just wanted to take home and Antonio have a call at home, surrounded by friends and relatives of their own priest. But no. Antonio was not going to go home.

Later we learned that Antonio had congenital cardiomyopathy, which had never been diagnosed or treated. His heart just gave after four years of fighting. I think his parents and how they were not allowed to go home with their little boy. They were in a foreign country with strange customs and strange language. Who has consoled?

I think now that we are exposed to other cultures, we need a more flexible way of thinking, and learn to accept differences. However, when it comes to birth and death, each of us has our own culture about the “right” things to do. Anthony died of a broken heart, but his heart was touched all of us that night.