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Charge Nurse Had Things Well In Hand!

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When I was thinking more than a year of fun things that I lived with a nurse, two immediately come to mind, so I put them on paper.

I’ve been a nurse for about a year, and I had a number of catheters placed in women, but never a man. Well, my luck ran out one day and I was 84 years old ladies who need a catheter. I got all the necessary equipment, went into the procedure in my mind and explained the procedure for the patient. I was well aware of how men “respect” is their punishment, so they are temporarily held his penis and began to insert the catheter.

After several attempts, and the moans and groans of the sick poor, I knew I was going beyond the prostate, I thoroughly apologize to this gentleman, then I went to the nurses station and explained my problem is the head nurse. He looks at me and a big sigh and said, “Come, let’s see what you are doing wrong!”

We entered the patient’s room, I opened the new catheter, and temporarily took his penis in my right hand while trying to insert my left. After a few moments, the charge nurse impassive as she grabbed his penis, “For God’s sake, hold it as you do not know what to do with it!” The catheter slipped right in.

Since then I have not been able to put a catheter into a man without a laugh and a smile on my face! I noticed the smile and laughter makes men even more “self aware” of his “package” Many thanks to Linda!

I have a long history of Foley, this implies a very tall woman, £ 1,200 to be exact. She was admitted as the son of a bitch and many other reasons. Nursing students, one day, nurses and assistants in the soil were more than happy to help. The doctor writes a prescription for a Foley catheter to be placed, since his background is so criticized. The clinical instructor calmly came to the nurse and said sheepishly: “I did not put a catheter in a woman in a long time, I’m afraid I’ll miss that embarrassed me in front of my students who put in my place?” It should be noted that “Cindy”, was once our clinical instructor.

My good friend, Ann, never a wise man, it was not about to be discussed at that moment, when he was in office, he said, “Cindy,” it takes two people to hold one breast only for washing down. It takes two people, how many folds of his belly a little too clean. It takes four people to put their Foley, one for each foot to keep, one to keep her cunt open and the fourth to put Foley. “Cindy said,” Yes, and I’m afraid of losing, or something worse happens. “Ann said,” Nothing is worse does not happen, do not worry Cindy, we tie a rope around your ankles and pull it out if you can not! I laughed so hard I thought I’d wet myself!