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Choosing A Profession As A Nurse

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People have different reasons for wanting to become a nurse. Some view it as a way to go to other countries. Some people use it to prepare for medicine, while others take it as an alternative, of course, if they can not afford to go to medical school.Some parents have to be nurses, because they have the chance to go to countries like Britain, Canada and the United States. Some view it as a profession to earn a lot. I do not know the statistics, but there are people who really want to become a nurse, because they have a real love and passion for the treatment of sick people.For some reason, it may be because we have become nurses, we must keep in mind that this is a vocation and not just a profession. If you are forced to care, do not do it as an excuse to lower the quality of service to patients. It is not their fault, if you’re a nurse, you alone made that choice, if they were forced or not.

Being a nurse will come from the heart. Patients can see through you if you’re really worried, or just do your job because of salary. When you really care about, others feel the warmth and love that goes with it. You can not wait, but the care you give can change the life of a patient. I still remember when I was hospitalized due to fever, I was only 16 then.

I was depressed because I was out for two weeks and classes for my senior year in high school was begun. The strange thing in school has been stressful for me, and has no control over the situation made it more difficult for me. He was a student nurse was taking my vital signs for several days. At that time I never said hello or gave me a smile. That’s when I said “I’ll never be like her.” So when the time came that I was a nursing student, I made sure that all the patients I care for you feel my sincerity. I wonder how they feel, hear their concerns, and never forget to smile. You know what, what I paid. A patient told me I was the best nurse I had, and I have a third-year nursing at the time.

Care should be a profession that really can not commit to not just see it as an opportunity to get a lot of money. The economic benefits only encourage, rather than a primary concern. When you take care of patients with only a dollar, so you can easily tired, burned out, stressed, and can not find satisfaction in what you do. But if you take care of patients because they need you and want to help, ultimately you can go home with a smile, because you’ve taken good care of someone.

I’m not saying that our nurses are not stressful, but you can alleviate that, if you love your work and you do not see in your daily routine or tasks. Your patient smile, “thank you”, and the degree of friendship can be more rewarding for the nurse. You never know you’re already in contact with a person’s life.

So, as a nurse, takes it as a vocation, do your work with sincerity and passion in taking care of your patients.