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CNA Duties- Here is What They Do

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Nursing sector is among the fastest growing sectors in the world because it is a noble and lucrative profession. There are many jobs for CNAs in medical facilities and hospitals, and this is why aspiring candidates should know what CNA duties are. Here is a list of CNA duties:

  • A CNA is responsible for caring about the patients and recording their symptoms. They also have to administer medications, while assisting the patients.
  • CNA duties include telling the friends and family of the patient about his medical condition, and provide them emotional support. They also have to talk about health related issues.
  • CNAs perform many duties like taking care of medical equipment, devices, and diagnostic analysis and testing.
  • CNAs help the old and elderly.
  • CNA duties include working 40 hours to 60 hours per week, based on their job, and if there is an emergency, they have to be on night shifts as well.
  • They should be knowledgeable to help patients when they are suffering with pain or injuries

Candidates who want to become CNAs must take training. When the course is complete, candidates have to take the CNA competency test. Once that is successfully complete, the nurse aides can get different types of jobs in private homes, health care facilities, and hospitals.

Apart from the certification requirements, CNA duties also state that the certified nursing assistant should be detail oriented, sympathetic, and caring. They have to access the conditions of the patient and provide consultation according to that. They also have to provide mental and emotional support the patient and his family.

Though the job of a CNA might seem demanding, but it comes with its own perks, like sick leaves, extra pay for any late shifts, pension plans, and paid holidays, etc. The CNA has to be proactive with staff nurses and the doctor to help the patients and take care of them. They have to work in a team and provide cooperation wherever required.

They must know what the doctor expects, and deliver the expected output. They have to assist people in need, and care for them. CNA duties include caring and helping, and it is a noble profession. Some qualities that a certified nursing assistant must have are honesty, understanding, patience, and compassion. They should be able to work alone, or in a team. And since this job offers lucrative salaries too, this is becoming a popular career in the United States.