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CNA Is A Springboard For More Lucrative Careers As An RN

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Becoming a CNA is a very rewarding job, but as with any job stability required. You can love your work, but if you get a job in a couple of years there might be some things on his mind about his job security in the changing economy and the potential gains that he can have time passes.

If we talk in terms of numbers, an average of CNA, in the range of $ 8.57 to $ 10.72 per hour output rate which is equal to about $ 20 200 each year to the upper end of the scale. With more experience a CNA in the range of $ 10.49 to the lower end at 14.46 dollars per hour at the upper end or slightly more than $ 30,000 per year. There are notes in the field of high rank, especially in the CNA who have less experience based on the analysis of median income. The upper end of the scale is generally achieved in areas where living costs are higher, as California or New York. So when you look at the numbers, only the factor of gross income, without the additional benefits that work can be understood as a health insurance or a pension fund.

One thing that attracts people to become the CNA is that training is minimal and short, usually between 6-8 weeks before the individual can get to work. In addition, a competent national authority may feel the medical field without having to spend tons of money for a nursing course. In this way, do not stop training for a job that will not do for the rest of their lives and save thousands of dollars in debt for education in the process.

Becoming a CNA is a springboard to a lucrative career as an RN if that’s what you want. It looks amazing on a resume to have experience in this field as a CNA because it shows that you have hands on experience working in the field. You will be able to handle all the difficulties that accompany the work, including daily interaction with the elderly and terminally ill, patients with medical problems that can be debilitating, and situations that can cause you to be very uncomfortable.

Job security is another factor to consider when choosing your career longevity. Evaluation of the CNA are very high for jobs. Health care is one of the few industries that has actually been growing jobs in the economy spiraling down since 2008. Over 2,000 positions are left vacant for now. This is because every day that people increasingly need help in their daily activities. Recent statistics indicate that there will be a 28% increase in the number of CNAs that are necessary under the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Office of Statistics of Labor and employment projections.