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CNA-Newbie To The Nurse path

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As far as I know, there is no part-time CNA to RN programs involve. All programs are associated course work full time. To get a CNA will provide valuable experience and above all, give extra points in the application process at a community college. The only part-time programs are, and BSN (BSN or PhD, you can take up to 10 years!)

For the most part, a national authority is very useful, but I had some friends say they have had to unlearn some things now that they are in school nursing

My second bit of advice is not to limit your request to a school. The programs are all very, very competitive. The more places you apply the better your chances to get on the first test. Some community colleges the most rural areas have less competition. I also think it would be good for the child to experience college life! No reduction for private colleges either. Many offer major scholarships.

Another interesting point is that the American Nursing Association calls for a high school diploma as the minimum requirements of education for a nurse … (Although the debate has continued since 1965.) A BSN will give your son a lot of possibilities for the future. For example, I heard a rumor Salem Hospital does hire BSN nurses.

In short, you really want your child to formal training, is AND or BSN. “Education”, or “diploma” programs are really insufficient for the complex field of nursing as it is today, and I can not think of one of these programs left in Oregon.