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Code of Ethics For Certified Nursing Assistant

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Most of the players, in particular helping professions have ethical standards to be followed to ensure that people were advised not exploited. Nurses are also bound by ethics that they adhere to a high level of professional practice. There are a variety of topics within the ethics of care. Some of the most debated, and the subjects have the right to choose their care, confidentiality of patients and provide informed consent.

The right to choose the treatment sparks debate among many medical professionals and play a big part of nursing ethics. A nurse wants to end the best for the patient at all times. When the doctor to the patient, physician choice is for the patient to decide whether they want to continue it. Some patients decide that they prefer to give useful for medical treatment. Sometimes, this decision was taken because the patient is suffering from a long-term illness and would like to stop fighting the disease. The patient made the decision to stop treatment and let the disease win their body. No matter how disturbing this might seem like a nurse treated the patient in the final analysis, the patient has the right to accept or refuse medical treatment as they see fit. Assistants must be able to accept the decisions of his patient is doing and will continue in an optimal way.

Maintaining confidentiality is another part of the ethics of care is essential. Many health professionals are constantly reminded of the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of medical information of a patient. There are special forms that the nurse can be a sign patients to decide who can and can not access personal health information. Because there were so many cases where people have been discriminated against because of medical data, it is important that the patient has the right to control who is devoted to their medical information. Nurses are constantly placed in a position where they must be very careful to whom they disclose personal information to a patient. Failure to maintain the confidentiality of a patient can have serious consequences for the hospital and the nurse who failed to keep the patient’s right to privacy.

Informed consent is also a very important component of care ethics is taught at all levels of nursing programs. Informed consent is when a patient in a legal document that details how you want medical treatment to administer. This allows a patient to decide in the worst conditions that would happen, but are not medically able to decide for his deteriorating health. Informed consent is well known DNR or No to DNR, which advises medical professionals to not attempt rescue procedures. No matter how much a nurse or health care professional is to keep alive a patient to provide treatment, appropriate ethical action for patients to die according to their written consent.

Consent forms that nurses press very hard to implement in case of complications during lactation. Informed consent does observe the ethics of nursing something less complicated like a person wants his or health is clearly stated.

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