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Doctor Who Did Not Take Any Calls At Night

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We all need to call your doctor at home, sometimes our patients. Shoot, now I do about 3-4 times a night on average.

As an experienced nurse now, it does not bother me at all, is to call. However, when I began my career was RN doctors that would make me tremble and shudder at my NurseMates, planning to call them. So, it was nice to have something to laugh from time to time after the phone call two hours.

One night, very late, I had to call a general practitioner of one of its partners in the patients. I dialed his pager number, put my number, hung up the phone, and waited. I waited about half an hour when I heard the phone rang … and the patient. “It ‘s strange, I thought. “These phones are not required to play so late.” I went into the room, picked up the phone and was like …. “Hello ..?”

“Hello!” voice at the other end said. It ‘was the doctor that I had a page! I laughed, then told me what I needed.

Fortunately, it was an empty room. I could just imagine some poor, confusing the patient to respond to this phone, I have two!

Then there was the time I had the hand of the surgeon on one of his patients. But this particular doctor had a reputation of being old and grumpy, grouchy on the phone … and he also had a reputation for being a drunk. Now, I do not know if this particular bit of information was true, but … Well … I never know what was happening at the other end, this special evening …

My patient was in his words, “fell on his buttocks fat” while trying to find and use her commode on her own. I helped her back in bed, arrested him for bruises or Other brands .. She assured me she had no new pain and does not feel she had trouble itself over … and then I went to the page physician, orthopedist our beloved.

The page again, no return call. So I paged a second time, still without an answer. The third time, I tried to call his home phone. I dialed the number … his phone rang … E ‘rang about five times, until I heard someone pick up. Silence, “Hello!” or something like that. “Hey, Dr. so and so?” “He said.

Well ….. because there was no emergency or anything, I just completed incident report found that I could not reach the doctor, had a nice chuckle and went on. In hindsight, I think I had someone to go to the doc and make sure that this person was the one who actually answered the phone (all I know, he was the son of the doctor drunk or person) was very good!

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