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Drink The Karmic Kool-Aid

January 4, 2011 by  
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How would you feel if I told you before you were born, you chose your lifetime and you chose your situation (with all its consequences) in order to provide life lessons, all for the good prepare to be a healer and donor, a fixer, a pacifier, a lover of all mankind? What would you say if it has been suggested to have been divinely led to where they are because they can be aggressive provider of comfort and healing of humanity in a New World Order? What is the concept that they have agreed to accept responsibility for the life of a healer? How does this: You choose your parents and their education, to provide the nuances needed to fulfill its karmic contract?

Some of you may stop reading this right now. It does not matter. Obviously, if you do not believe in the concepts of karma and reincarnation because of traditional religious beliefs, or he simply does not make sense to you logically, this blog will offend. If yes, please accept my apologies. Do not get me wrong, though. I do apologize perhaps offend you. I can not apologize for my beliefs. The reason? I believe that all paths are valid and lead to the truth itself. Your beliefs are just as valid as mine. My faith is just as valid as yours. We simply arrive at the truth in different ways.

Why is this an important issue to raise? Because one of the lessons of my life to fulfill the agreement of my soul is teaching tolerance and respect, the importance of love of the limits of self and healthy for the other healers. How I can know that this is one of the lessons of my life? Because the receiving end of the handling and much more dysfunctional toxicity during my education. Intuitively, I know I have chosen these unpleasant circumstances, and of course his appearance. And I am grateful for them. I faced a future of energtically give to others what I received in the trial, the blurred boundaries and misery. Free choice and free will came face to face me, and I chose the road. I love being me. This is because the life lessons I have chosen to assume that I am in the position I am now, that is, I can help heal the healers. When we meet with the darkness, we are much closer to the light.

I ask you to take a reflective view of the circumstances that have arisen in your life. Take a look inward. What led you to heal? Do you recover after a childhood neglect, for example? Do you have abandonment issues? Where does your sense of personal worth, opinions and comments of others, or simply “know” the value of their innate? Is your ego stroked when you give attention to others, or give your soul, which knows only compassion?

Just think. Just. Remember that you are worthy of support and to give to others, and even nurse Spirit!