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Employment After The First Semester Of Nursing Scholarships

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It depends on the hospital. there’s all kinds of different names for positions like this, but they are usually all CNA or nurses aide type jobs. there is student nurse tech, health care tech, NA (nurses aide, not certified), PCA (patient care assistant)… that’s all I can think of, but I’m definite there is more. When you look on a hospitals job net site look for anything in nursing support. you can apply to  much anything that does not need a certification, such as CNA. However in the event you require to make yourself even more marketable, most states let you challenge the CNA examination plus become certified. You will still have to pay of course but your semester of nursing school takes the place of CNA school. Some hospitals (such as UCSD here in S. California) will only hire certified personnel.

I read a couple of different thread here that after the first half of the nursing school they inform people to get jobs, “a nurse tech, but were forced to go after the first half ended. I’m at work now plus it’s nothing even a relvant breastfeeding or nursing school next to the pay might be part of it. I have to work, so I was wondering how would one go about looking for this type of employment, because I have to work to pay the bills plus stuff plus I think it wold help me feel more comfortable.

A mate of mine graduate in May 2011 plus he is a PCA-Student Nurse. It’s basically a CNA but not certified plus since he has student nurse in the title everybody knows he is a nursing student. This is kind of nice because nurses will sometimes explain or show her things that they might not in the event that they  thought he was working in this job indefinitely.

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