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Excellent Patient Advocate

February 20, 2011 by  
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Usually people with delusional episodes of dementia in their daily lives. As the disease progresses, the brain becomes more damaged. Become not only cognitive, but also progressively physical disabilities. A feature of the disease takes hold is swallowing increasingly difficult. It was one of the many reasons Mr. Colon was hospitalized on time. Not just stop eating, was also a dialysis patient. Three times a week in the hospital for treatment. A significant commitment that cared for him. Especially since his wife can not drive and just finished treatment for breast cancer, including mastectomy. I’m talking about a couple who have been married for 45 years.

One morning I came into his room and says: “.? Hello, Peter How are you this morning” He looked at me and said in Spanish. He acted like he knew me and started talking. He told me everything with his wife and how was everything to him. He is my friend, my sister, my mother. He is my world, she is all I have. I need to take care of him and he needs me. I do not want to leave him alone. Weeks and his wife has her friends around for lunch every day. His friend, who had just become a widow, has flown to Puerto Rico to help her, because she does not drive and could not get to the hospital to see her husband.

After placement of a tube of parity, the plan was to send him home. However, at this time his wife could not take care of it. While it would be placed in a nursing home. This created an even greater dilemma. His wife could not visit him because his friend was going home and would have no one to drive. I remember this woman kissed me with tears in his face, saying “please do not send him to hospital.” I knew he would die soon wanted to be near him. I immediately called the social worker and explained the situation. She said that due to insurance. The only option was to put in an institution until now. The social worker said that would require other facilities and thought it was a great opportunity to transfer to a facility closer to once a bed had become available. We contacted his wife. To say the least, was not very happy but I had no choice.

The next day, he needed dialysis, and can not very well. His condition was so that we can not transfer him to a nursing home. This has bought time to locate the facility closest to home so his wife could visit. By the time the health of my patients’ improvement as a social worker had found a body close enough to visit his wife. I was pleased recently received a call from my patient’s wife told me that he was still improving and was able to continue to see her every day.