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Grateful For All Your Prayers

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All over the lobby of a public hospital in particular on the pediatric wing, I heard someone vomiting with coughing hard.You could tell it like it was in motion of a projectile. It was music to my ears, it was horrible. It was so loud I could hear the other room or down the hall. I felt sorry for the other patients about to be awakened by him. I began to wish that my patient was not entrusted to me yesterday. I prayed that she was not only make your condition worse. She was thin, young teen girl 16 years of age, a diagnosis of DH II. My fellow students smiling nurse. They knew from the beginning, as always, if not most of the time that patients need more care than the rest.

When your chin up, and the beaming smile on my face, I get another room, greeting each patient a wonderful afternoon. The small room was filled with many patients were diagnosed with dengue varied. I walked to my patient. He was restless, weak, and the region for its part, half full of phlegm. I tried to hide the reaction rather put a face in disgust. Instead, greet him and his brother, asking him how he felt. He answered a spit second hard disk. I immediately took the bowl and placed it near his lips. Then I checked the IV in his assessment of rates, and so on. He was puzzled because it was not and could not talk to me directly. It seemed to be mentally ill, but did not. His body odor suddenly filled my nose. It seemed that he had changed his clothes since yesterday. He had low blood pressure, increased breathing, abdominal pain, and the axillary temperature is 40.1 ° C. I was worried.

I informed the nursing station and the temperature of him in his stomach. As I returned, I just started my nursing that included a warm bath sponge, increased fluid intake and regular monitoring of vital signs.

His gay brother with a piece of paper in hand, suddenly went out of the room. I was about to load it to the sponge bath. I hesitated to do it yourself, which is completely different from me. But I prepared a basin with warm water and a towel. I stopped breathing for a moment just to block the smell of his body odor. I did not do the sponge bath while his companion could he do for her. I could have waited for his brother to return. I did not. As a future nurse, I knew it was my job to perform all nursing interventions. It can have cramps soon, if I did not start right away. I watched his face, red and agitated. My thoughts wandered and I wondered, “What if this girl was my own mother?” My mother, who most need attention and care than I do, but I can not because it lived miles. It has recently been diagnosed with thyroid cancer with a scene that she will not tell.

I wanted to cry at that moment, but I fought back tears. There was nothing I could do today. I looked again, and imagine what my mother was lying in the same bed. What would I do? I have gently washed from head to toe, paying particular attention to the armpits and groin to promote convective cooling his body. I did three times, while at the same time, running to his left side ready for the pool when he was about to throw up every now and then. At one point, he looked at my hand and said. “Do not leave me” I was amazed. “I will stay here until your brother back,” I replied. He said that when you look straight at me. He spoke about the normal time and then returned to its previous state. The fever subsided after the RN penicillin IV push. Later that evening, I was also able to change her clothes with her mother. Smells fresh again.

After that day, I realized that I was able to provide holistic care to my patient. I would not be able to if I had not thought about my own mother. I learned that I can work as a nurse if I treat my patients as I would for my own mother. It can be anyone, like your father, brother, sister or loved ones. It is a strategy that prevents all judgments and prejudices.