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Great birth story!!

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He knocked on the door of the elevator door open, panting. I could still feel the chill of a layer of wool, which was not about to close its huge pregnant belly. Not many patients return to the elevator directly into the delivery unless the emergency service personnel made them – you must know the hospital and “Good Night -. Can I have your name s’ Please, and I can say what brings you here tonight?””I’m Muriel Rabinowitz, a patient of Dr. Myers and I’m at work.”

She was very quiet, I was also as I searched the files of its prenatal record. “Thank you, Ms. Rabinowitz, I just get your papers from Mr. Myers office. Have you been pregnant?”

“Yes, this is my eighth baby.”

EIGHT CHILDREN?! The word sent me directly to survival mode – my survival. What was this woman thinking about coming here tonight? Did not she know that I was a new level on the night shift at L & D, and the only reason I was here alone, there should be someone at work? No, I think she did not know, poor woman.

“My husband is upstairs. We talked and decided it would be good for me to take the elevator on the Sabbath, but he must take the stairs.”

I looked again and realized her headscarf. This is not cold, it was a hat. eighth child on the Sabbath – I put the pieces together. Our hospital has served the Hasidic Jewish community in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. They were very strict in the observance of Orthodox Jewish laws do not work (eg, operating machinery) on Saturday, and had as many babies as God gave them. How had he come to the hospital? They had traveled the road together?

I decided that the matter could wait for later. He said he thought he had time to become a hospital gown when I called his doctor, but then she introduced directly into the delivery room.

“I felt my back twinge earlier but I thought it was just because I really wanted to try to get the dishwasher unloaded before sunset.”

“The dishwasher? Yes, I suppose, with seven children, you need two dishwashers.”

He looked at me with pity, that nobody can be so stupid. “One of the meat, and one is a dairy,” he explained patiently. Of course. What was I thinking? Courses for the request for help, handsome man in a gray-bearded heavy coat. He was huffing and wheezing more than a woman to give birth.

“Yes, rabbi. I’ll ask someone to help dress the coverage you need to come and be with her” red was his trip to the eighth floor. In those days, we had to go down to the parents admit to complete the registration process. There was no way I could send to this poor man fell to the ground. I explain to the supervisor later. Where was the supervisor, anyway?

“No, thank you, nurse, it is my place here at the door, if they disagree with you.” He politely refused a chair. I was worried about it sank, but would have to fend for themselves yet.

I hung back as assistant to the nurse the delivery room with me to help me get the patient’s legs in stirrups, I could see the head crowning. Then I asked him to go out and get the doctor.

I looked out the window in the door DR. Rabbi was rocked gently back and forth on his heels. His lips moved, and her eyes were closed. Ms. Rabinowitz was panting hard, trying not to push.She ran to the door with a towel over his head for protection and returned with Dr. Myers. Ms. Rabinowitz could not help more, and delivered a beautiful little boy with a grunt.

“Elsie, who is the father of the baby. Is not” sing for you. “He said the prayers in Hebrew to his wife and baby. If you talk about you at all, pray for you, which may be a good thing because you catch the baby if I have to leave. Dr. Myers found a way to shake, which probably drop the baby, then go for Dr. Myers Yell in the medical room and tell him to come here today. No I care if he is naked. ”

The tears on the face of the rabbi when I brought the child to show her the door. Dr. Myers and Ms. Rabinowitz said all deliveries, and as it approaches the birth missing. Another nurse was not helping me at some point, but I was proud of how I managed alone.