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Having The Opportunity To Work In Intensive Care

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I was in my fourth month as a labor and delivery nurse, when I received the report on a patient who was diagnosed with a maturity of fetal death in utero. She had stopped feeling the baby move earlier in the morning before his arrival last night. A feeling of anguish consumed me as I went to the 418th room I took a deep breath and knocked gently at the door before quietly getting into patients’ rooms.

There, lying in the middle of the bed was a young African American. In addition to swelling of her belly, she was small. In greeting, smiling girl who never reached his eyes, and slowly turned his gaze to the blank window. My heart melted. After completing my review, I proposed to the patient the pain medication she gladly accepted. Within minutes, the Stadol 2 mg and 25 mg Phenergan sent the patient into a deep sleep. I wondered if he dreamed that all was well. She remained well for one and a half, woke up with the urge to push. She was fully dilated and ready to ship. The doctor was notified to come for delivery.

As the minutes passed, it became painfully obvious that the doctor would not do it in time for delivery. I called another nurse in the room to help you. She has contributed to the birth. In a fluid flow, as long as the baby dead in bed. There were groans and hands thrown in the air. Nothing. I have looked carefully over the baby …. it was perfect.

Shook me to reality with the voice of another nurse asked me to take heart sank the moment baby.My up the baby and feel its weight. He was completely limp. His arms fell lifeless at his side. As I put the baby, told me to ‘stop, PLEASE just keep it. “It was no time to mourn.

I turned to look back with the mother. He was back asleep. Undoubtedly, it was all a dream, a dream. Oh, how I wanted to vigorously dry the baby and the perfect shot of her feet mixed with his life, but I’m not. Instead, I am cautiously patted dry the baby.

How can it be? It was perfect. Her small perfect nose. Her perfect lips. His fingers perfect. Her perfect toes. I told him gently on the lines and made their marks. I put on my hat and wrapped in perfectly with the blankets. I left the baby in the crib and reopened the mother is still asleep.

When I quietly looking room, I regularly see children in the nursery opened. It looked like the carpet was a little movement. Is it his chest rise and fall? After several times to see …. seems real. I bent down towards the child, so I can be sure of what I saw. There was nothing. Alas, no matter how much I wanted the baby to breathe, it did not happen. He was gone. I knew I could not hold more.

I immediately went to the bathroom, where I burst into tears. I do not know why, but I do not want anyone to know she was crying. I quickly pulled myself together before leaving the toilet. The mother was still asleep.

When the mother woke up, I expected to cry uncontrollably, but he did not. E ‘remained the same quiet acceptance. Tears silently fell on his face when he looked at the child and looked at him. What dreams of being a child? Oh, the pain, and his mother has lost a child is unbearable to watch.

She had a baby an hour before giving him a last kiss. He silently handed me a perfect child.

I went to pathology. While I was waiting for another nurse to prepare for refreshment first child taken to the morgue, I liked it so I would be all infants, and unconsciously swayed from side to side. perfect child was wrapped in blue lips and was ranked tech.