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Heart Nursing Tips On My Sisters

December 31, 2010 by  
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My sister was a dialysis nurse for seven years, she always knew she wanted to be a nurse since childhood. I, however, could not make my mind about what I wanted to do with my life. That is, until last year, when I suddenly knew exactly what my life has been requested, and reason.

I was literally heard hundreds of stories of my sister on her work. Patients, doctors, nurses and other so on. Some of them were so horrible I have often wondered why he was on dialysis at the hospital, and had not ventured to the world that seems to provide nursing care, especially considering that the dialysis nurses tend to make the minimum wage for all. Well, one night he started to tell the story of an elderly man, who was the hospital patient, a year or so, and had learned to love him. He often told stories of his childhood and he never tired of it. In fact, he was waiting for his day in the clinic, and sat beside her during her lunch break to listen again just the adventure of his youth.

One day, while the old man became his treatment I called my sister, she said it looked like a desperate cry, still can not forget. She ran to her chair and watching the machine quickly, made his blood pressure was dropping fast. She took his hand and he just say “I’m scared”. She told him not to be afraid they would be allowed, even though I knew it probably was not the case for the facial expression of the administrator. My sister cried a AED, but the nurse said you could not shock, because he had signed a DNR. My sister started to ask staff a shock for him, but no. Everyone looked like he was crazy. She cried at the time, and the old had long since lost consciousness.

When my sister finished her story, I asked him why he tried to save the man and said, “Because I wish someone would have tried forour daddy, don’t you?” When I started to cry, because you can see, our father was a diabetic who suffered from renal loss. He was on dialysis for several years before his death, and even if we prayed that he had also signed a DNR. My father died at 22 June 2000, cardiac arrest. Now I know why my sister is working in a place that seems so full of horror ….. his patients are fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters …. like someone is missing them terribly, they deserve the kindness and understanding their fears.