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Highlights Of The Independent Investigation Of The High Demand For Nurses In Vivo

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Government cuts NHS staff have been felt heavily by qualified nurses looking to get a job in the health service. However, the new independent research conducted with older adults may have a glimmer of hope for frustrated and expert nurses who are currently outside the mainstream of employment.

Independent research was conducted in November by TNS Face to Face Services on behalf of Consultus Nursing and the Agency, with adults over 75 years. The results revealed a strong preference was to live in nursing: 88% (of adults over 75 years) prefer to receive care in long-term nursing home, compared with 7% who prefer a nursing home.

At the same time, nurses who were disappointed by the Government of opportunity for tolerance, to use their skills, the results are encouraging news. Increase in the live-in nursing can also ensure that at least part of the approximately 600 million Spent training health care in 2005, the government does not go to waste: companies like Consultus provide qualified personnel to use their skills of nurses choosing alternative career paths.

The research also raises questions about the situation of the elderly, many of whom are currently forced into nursing homes without other options available to them.

Philippa Easterbrook Brook, a nurse based in Powys, is currently working with Consultus, a commentary on the research published recently in comparison to 87% of respondents agreed that living in nursing should be easily accessible by the NHS.

“Everyone should have the option – rehabilitation patients, people who have had operations -. This is the right choice for themselves and for their health, of course we should”

The research is the first of its kind, said the firm stance of the elderly about where they choose to be treated. Paradoxically, when trusts hit hardest by the crisis in the NHS budget is to reduce nurses, there is a real demand to live in nursing.

These health care professionals qualified to provide customers with 24 / 7 nursing care that they want a clear, even if the choice of the working week, allowing more nurses to stay in their profession they have chosen. The fact is that I live in Nursing can provide an affordable solution for both patients and nurses.

The next question is inevitably means to live in patient care, Kevin May Consultus Registered Manager Care believes that access to resources for living in nursing and in some cases see it as a desirable option for an NHS system TODAY ‘hui are facing huge deficits.

“The NHS continuing care run by the regime of Primary Care Trusts (PCT) provides funds for those who need long-term care or palliative care outside the hospital. To check whether a client would be eligible for funding from a group of Local health and social care consultants, such as district nurses, GPs and members of the local health authority will meet to decide whether the needs of customers worthy enough to call, and what the most appropriate location for care would be. The patient perspective is taken into account in these issues in terms of whether they choose to be cared for at home or in a care home – the final decision is based on criteria established by the PCT or the local council health. ”

He seems to live in nursing is often considered an expensive solution could now be considered a realistic solution to many ills in today’s capital, where the National Health Service is concerned – a full-time face-to- a nursing home recognized not only qualitatively very desirable for many patients, but also financially better opportunity for the NHS itself.

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