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How To Made It Through

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One of my earliest memories as a child, my mother told me I was prettier than my sister because I had the sweetest smiles. I am really very charming and I could say that my personality has been oozing with confidence at this time because I was alone in my kindergarten class with white and intact teeth. As the years passed, I slowly became shy, introverted students in our school. I am so self-conscious growing up because my perfect smile has been replaced by large grain corn in the future discolored teeth! Ah, I thought I had to do something to reverse the curse that was cast in my teeth. I dreamed of becoming many years dentist.After, still holding to my dream of earning a degree in dentistry, I am motivated to survive high school, so I can go into town for college. I did not know at this point that my plan was very different from what I have been in compliance.

This summer, after graduating from high school, when my grandmother, aged 80 from abroad (where he lived for more than 15 years and my aunt) was a turning point. It was apparently weak and needs much care. He had multiple illnesses and a variety of complications, including hypertension, dysarthria (related to the previous section), and obstructive sleep apnea. My mother, who was the youngest of the brothers to take care of him.

I saw his responsibility as a challenge has been, and I admired how cute and systematically appeared in Bed and Bath each diaper change, knowing that he was not even any treatment for illustrative purposes of education at all! Everything was perfectly prepared, the way he did for us when we were kids. My gestures to try to help, the mother would say, “Grandma needs you to hold her on the other side of the bed so she won’t fall, and you are to share her happy memories of how you’ve been while she’s away” Thus,was my task: to keep grandma happy and safe, and alert. You never see that I admire my mother makes her morning routine, and grandmother, I was inspired to be like him when it is my turn to take care of him in the future. Suddenly, he seemed to have forgotten how to yellow teeth, and how this error made me feel about myself, I no longer seem to matter whether my sister is beautiful, and although I could still dream of a perfect white smile flashes of a nice guy campus.I quickly realized that no matter how I look, I have got to be the best nurse, mother, grandmother, and my family would never in their entire lives. (Do not even have the silly idea that if I am going to wear a white nurse uniform, maybe my face would glow under the light, and so would whiter teeth in the mirror). Come 1997, with the help of the support of my parents and a very proud grandmother, I took the road less taken (at a time when the employment rate among qualified nurses in the Philippines was a hole).

How could I take this course? Why I like to attend classes Nursing101 Miss T (terrorists)? Perhaps, thought I was born in fact to become a nurse, was only because I was so overwhelmed by the frustration of my imperfections, and I was not so selfish to notice the rates of life. Having decided he wanted to pursue nursing, I realized it was coming. My determination to love and complete the nursing education ended when I got my first experience in helping Normal spontaneous delivery. I knew that when the hand over the baby to his father with tears in their eyes through the door that is my vocation.

As I pursued nursing, I discovered that all the basic curriculum have significance as applied in practice. When I became a nurse, I found that learners are meaningless if the heart is empty, and if only the brain that dictate what I do. When I was hired a nurse in a part of an adult care tertiary hospital, I discovered that all learning is a grain of sand that comes in an oyster, will soon be a shining ball with gem. Each meeting with various clients and their families are grains of sand, and just remain as such, so I will not be able to choose something good and valuable each meeting, while doing what is expected of me.

The grandmother died a year before graduating from college, but I had the opportunity to apply what I learned in school and be an important help for my mother, in particular, in the week week in turn, when the grandmother slips slowly from life to death. She died peacefully and without decubitus ulcers.While I was preparing for service in hospitals, and in my clinical uniform white mother looked in the mirror and said he was not afraid to grow old and weak because he has a daughter to be responsible for her and her father. I still feel like continuing.

And my teeth, and they were faded, but I had a chance to play them, that more than 20 years, I still have a full set of teeth. I do not care about these smiling yellow teeth, if I had a dentist, I never noticed how beautiful it is to become a nurse and I would not have this privilege to touch lives and make a difference in my clients. In addition, there is no time I can afford to have your teeth whitened (a technology state-of-the-art), which really only takes a little of time. I know as much weight as a man, a nurse, not my smile but a smile on my patient sick happy that I have become a boon for them.