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I Wanted To Be A Nurse, Surely !

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The question of why? took me from the beginning when I chose nursing my main occupation and future. The main question is, why the hell did I put myself through all this turmoil of trying to become a student in nursing? I think what ifs, ie if I choose another major? I would have graduated this year with my degree, if I pursue something other than nursing. Oh, why did I do?

At first, fresh out of high school, I was not sure what I wanted. I’ve always leaned toward the medical profession, but I had to sift through all the options to find what they really wanted. So I would like to work part time, taking two classes at local community college and do things together at school. Then I saw my sister was pregnant. It took a great interest in her pregnancy for reasons unknown to me. I wanted to know what was going on internally that my niece was in development. During labor, I saw the nurses who work diligently and they all look so good. I finished my decision then I would not want to be a nurse. I was 18 and strong feeling that I made a good decision so soon. Good jokes are on me, because I do not know the enormous amount of work that gets in the coming years.

I researched my options and trying to be smart enough for my decision. The most important thing I wanted at that time there would be no debt or loans, when I had done at school. That’s why I chose the community college route. Nor do I believe that was what had to be a BSN program. I just wanted to come and go and fast. HA! So take the biology and chemistry of a semester, and micro-anatomy of the next, and finally physiology. Well, silly me, I thought the B and I had a couple of my classes had good grades. I was very proud of myself for not working too hard through my prerequisite courses. Now is the time to give my cc to local applications. I receive letters within a couple of weeks.

Now the waiting begins. Again, during this time, I wonder why I did it for me. Are there alternatives? I know that all future nursing students was there. I started researching what could be done. I want to be a nurse and FAST. I see an ad promising. My mother and I will look into this school that has the promise of obtaining a diploma in nursing and fast and a child who is surprised by that price. I take the assessment test and tell me that I scored in just over 5% o, I get a complete tour of the school of Nice, only to discover that it is to get my $ 55,000. WHAT! Are you kidding? Oh, but wait, it gives you $ 10 000 for reimbursement and who have completed their pre-requisite, but that makes it a little harder to get into that even spend anything like $ 10,000 for my community college classes. So I danced to the door and took my list of private schools.

I then had another decision to make. I thought, why not get a job in the medical field while I wait? Excellent idea. I researched the difference between CNA and MA and I thought my looks like a very good job I’m doing to enjoy decent wages. There is more research. I’m tired of this stuff now … Research The same private school I looked in the past for the classes of MA nursing deals too, but it is $ 10,000. Remember my goal? No debt. So I hold out and find a local cc offers the same program for about $ 1500 for everything. I had a blast in the master’s program. After I finished, I knew I’d be in the medical field. Only problem is that I graduated right when the recession began and could not find employment. I was disappointed but I knew that the experience I received from the program has been invaluable, and showed me how much I really love the medical field.

Now, make a long story short. HA! Two and a half years have passed since the day I received letters accepted. I do not even apply to the BSN program, but was quickly dismissed as not to make them stupid is my prerequisite courses. I was disappointed at first, but I knew that to achieve my dream, somehow some way. Now I’m finally going to take part in the local DC, this fall, when I started to string 516 Excitement and nervousness is overwhelming. Now I can officially say, four years after a dream that I am a nursing student and I’m going to be the best student in nursing, which in turn is best done by a nurse. If I get through the dirt road to a pre-nursing student, and the rugged road to the nursing student, so I know I can do anything.