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Learning Never Ends

February 15, 2011 by  
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I miss teaching. I miss summer vacation. Christmas holiday, Easter, Presidents’ Day. I miss the bell that says “go home”, or that signals the end of a horrible class. I miss the young, the chatter, the eyes of a beaten dog, laughter, tons of long and healthy hair.

Even cafeteria duty used to be a punishment. Listens to the conversations pre-pubescent to get a clue of what the next generation is thinking. Standing in the corner looking bored, so they do not know, I take in all

I miss teaching. Seeing that light bulb go on, hear me explain something that I really know and look in the eyes of young eager, wanting information. Priceless. The feeling that something good and real and valuable has happened here today. Sit quietly with a 14 year old whose friends have decided to “hate” her today. I miss her.

And yet – nursing of the elderly has its moments too. Undoubtedly worthwhile. I get to connect intimately with other human beings. Only this time it feels more learning on my part. I was a teenager, I know how they feel, what they think. But old is not for me. I can not imagine how they feel old. I love hearing the stories when you can say over and when I have time. The “old days” when there was no contamination of television or computers. When people connected in a way to worry about nostalgia. When Sunday was a day of rest and that meant sitting in the room to talk. Think for a minute.

Looking into your eyes I see the former child, adolescent, young man or woman. The lights are still there and someone is there. They see me for care, understanding and the food. They shake their heads sadly when I do not understand, and I’m frustrated. I can ease their pain for a while, give them the gift of my time, or a leaf, a little cream on her legs. I try to listen and empathize. They need me, and maybe not my hero, but they need to connect with the younger generation, as we all need relationships with the elderly and younger than us. We are all teachers and we are all students learn to live to be.

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