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Love Sweet Love

March 2, 2011 by  
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I’m a dork now that I think, but I love my job. The evening started off well .. We have full and within 10 minutes to get a job, we were cardioversion person. So we got a medical evacuation of an arrest after … It was a fun night.

One patient sticks out today … I felt really bad, this elderly gentleman that I dealt with today. He was 79 male onset of shortness of breath. You could say it was CHF. He had swelling throughout the body, wheezing, and more comfortable.

What emerged was his health. It seemed that had’nt filled in three weeks .. I had this training in hair .. had pus in his eyes that made them red .. His glasses were dirty … One of my coworkers really clean and clear. “I now realize” He was a stubborn old man, but would be very short of breath and desaturate the 70, you did’nt need help. There were those urine-soaked socks.

Ambulance gave Lasix, loop diuretic, which makes you pee. So you wet … I went to go help clean it and as I said, he was stubborn. I asked him if he lived in the house, and he said that alone. He saw that he was able to fend for themselves. I went to go take his socks off, so that we can put the new ones and she said no … I asked him why. I said, ‘my socks are soaked in urine. I do not want you sitting there with both. “He said he was embarrassed because his legs felt” horrible “. I ensured that I have seen everything and there’s nothing to bother me. He stressed they do not take off. So I asked myself, man, this guy is really bad self-care deficit. Ah, there goes the nursing process …

Anyway I told him if he was a member of my family, I do not want to sit in urine-soaked socks and was going to clean up and make you feel better. We cleaned him and changed his socks … his feet were bad. There was crusting between the fingers and nails do not seem to have been cut in recent years. Now, yes, it was serious and I’m sure everyone is reading the thought. And I’m sure all of us as healthcare providers joke about these things or “we’ve seen worse.” What caught my attention tonight, but the shame of the elderly.

I felt bad for him. It must be frustrating to lose the dignity and the aging of the ADL. Everyone has a weakness and something as simple as not wanting to show their feet, means much more. No patient should never feel ashamed. As I said, I am a doctor I did for so long and have joked about the patients, sometimes dirty or stupid, but that is another point of view that these people other stories. The man was losing his ability to cope with everyday life. I felt bad for him and really gave me a new perspective to bring to my practice. In the nursing school that taught us not to be critical when it comes to our patients. I hope that patients know. I want my patients to know they can ask me anything because if they do, I want the same care. His feet and the desire to cover represented his vulnerability.

I hope that guy gets better and find a suitable treatment for him. I asked him if he had a family and he told me that her daughter was a LPN at a local hospital in the second … I was appauled. And somehow I was shocked … but then again, just as the patient, who was the reason he did’nt want to take his socks off, I’m sure that her daughter was a reason for not taking care of his father.