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Needing Advice On The Job Of CNA

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I got my CNA lincense in early October. Job search CNA, I worked as a caregiver for almost a month. The work was easy and my customers are really nice. But I thought I needed to have a real experience of CNA care work, so I applied in hospitals and nursing homes. The only place that welcomed me to a nursing home. I was a CNA working in about 2 weeks and I feel like I’m drowning. I’m depressed and terrified of every day for work. This happened during my direction: I give two people fall. Neither was injured, and nurses have been reported.

I think it’s my fault because I used the treadmill but does not recognize that I was not able to move (I’m new petite CNA with no experience). Then, everyone started passing the words that I can not move people. I do not feel like I’m ready to be out of orientation, so I asked the nurse if I could get another couple of days. The truth is a nursing home is truly a one-man short, so that pushed me off course now and start your own. We usually have four CNA during the day shift, but today it is just me and three other experts CNA. I do not feel comfortable that will be assigned their own patients (10 patients), but not vice versa, this is due to lack of staff, so they gave me a patient in any case. All was well in the morning, but I pulled the transfer of training to go to 1 hour and 15 minutes during the day, because the nurses feel that I need to do more training.

So I missed my two 15-minute break. You do not have my lunch break, until I told the nurse that is 2 hours before the end of my shift, and I still have not eaten yet. So I went to lunch in 20 minutes and returned to discover that I have to help a patient to take a shower. Well, I’ve never done before her shower and she needs a lift Hoyer. I was panicking because everyone is getting ready to leave (1/2 hour before the end of the quarter). I asked two other NAC to help me as they did, but none of them think it is urgent, so they just took their time.

I took a shower by myself patient, but was really frustrated because it is about the dead weight, and she cries “help” all the time. At this point, I still have to identify two other patients, but after I finally put it back in his bed, he is already 10 minutes after the break. If we can not complete the survey before the end of our shift, the computer does not allow us to map more. I told the nurse I did not want any trouble, but I had no time to identify it. She said it’s OK (I was told by the CNAS others that if I did not chart again, I would get a write-up). Anyway, sorry for the long post. I feel like I’m thrown into the den of a lion and had no idea how to do my job properly. I am constantly under pressure. Although nurses are friendly to me and ask what training I need, I do not know what to say. I feel I’m so slow (but I’m always busy, running). Can you give me an idea? Thank you!