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No Matter Where Or When The Patient’s Privacy Must Be Respected

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Privacy! Is there a hospital or nursing home official or employee knows that the privacy right? Do they know how best to protect the privacy of a patient? There is a large hole in the privacy of law within most major medical facilities and the interior of many homes or rehabs.

Where is the difference? From top to bottom. You heard right. The gap is up and down the elevator, inside the back and to and from the lifts. Most staff feel they have privacy of lifts in medical buildings, but there is nothing but the truth. How many times have you heard of doctors and nurses to discuss patient’s medical history or current conditions in a public elevator? It is likely that on several occasions. However, also within the elevators are guests, visitors, family members and even, sometimes, there are patients in elevators.

Once employees start talking to patients – while employees are still in the building, employees are denied the right to privacy of all patients. You can not discuss the medical options, surgery, patient stories and other issues in the elevators and expectation of privacy at all. Look around while in the elevator. You see those other people? You can be a family friend or member of a patient who is speaking.

Obey all rules of privacy, including privacy rules in elevators, not talk about patients or related issues while in the elevator. It is the only way to be a true professional.

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