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Nurse Wanna Money But Not Just Money

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No man, not even a doctor, ever gives any other definition of what a nurse should be than this devoted and obedient; This definition would be just as well for a porter, he can even do a horse it would be … not do for a policeman Nightingale.It’s 0200H Florence, hallways are deserted apart from a few nurses to monitor their patients. It is quiet except for the hum of machinery and light rustle of leaves, that patients Sleeping tap into their beds. In this hour of death early in the morning, I can not help but reflect on the work I’ve been blessed. As I sit in silence and await the moment when I have to get up and proceed with my duties, I can not help but wonder if this is really where I wanted to be, if it is, who I was supposed to be. Am I really meant to become a nurse ?

I took nursing in a deliberate effort to relieve the suffering of my mother, she has been ill all her life. When I started working, I saw firsthand the horrors of disease and illness. I saw the struggle between life and death, between health and disease. And what I saw was clearly etched in my memory.

How I lost my mother to heart failure, I began to lose confidence in my profession. As the soldier tired of war, I’m starting to question my purpose to continue on this road. I loved my job, gave me a sense of accomplishment every time I see an improved state of health of my patient. I enjoyed every moment spent to provide aid and assistance to my patients – I loved is a nurse. But the cure for me has a different meaning, because working in the Middle East. Hospital or other health care setting, in fact, nurses are an integral part of the health care team. They work alongside doctors and other disciplines. But this is not true! What I saw, the nurses treated as if they belong to the scale of the lower level of health care.

We have been called names, treated badly by everyone from patients to doctors. We have been accused of being reckless and insensitive to patient needs. Our mistakes were magnified to huge levels, but our virtues were ridiculed and despised. We won our nursing degree, worked hard for our degrees, so please do not call us stupid. We have made some mistakes, but we are humans. We are sleep deprived people who usually work with empty stomachs, bladders full, sore legs, and entirely dependent on caffeine to function effectively. We are just humans and not machines. We are tired, and we become sick.

Some people cynically accused us that we took care of the money. I beg to disagree. Nursing, but it provides a stable income, require more than the desire to earn money. It requires commitment, patience and sacrifice. Being a nurse means to miss family gatherings and celebrations. This means spending more time in hospital and at home. If we were there for the money we would have sought better paying jobs that do not require us to give up our precious time with our family. So please, tell us that money is all it takes to make us do a better job. Sara Moss-Wolfe said that:Nurses are the few blessings of being ill.I wish that recognize it. I still love my job and I still harbor the hope that one day we will be treated better. We are the patient advocate, but who are we?

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