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Real Experience Of A CNA

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Certified nursing assistants are ever in demand. No matter the economic state of the country, the medical fields are always growing and the need for qualified employees is a constant. This is why many men and women choose to go into the field, but there are many career options to choose from.

Before deciding to become a CNA, it is important to find out what certified nursing assistants really do.

 A CNA is generally responsible for making the rounds of a hospital or other medical facility, recording vital signs and reporting any changes to the nurse.

The assistant is also typically responsible for administering food to patients, helping them eat if necessary, helping change, bathe and changing their bedding periodically.

From time to time the assistant may also be asked to help set up surgical equipment and help with medical examinations of the patients.

If you are still interested in the position after learning more about the daily duties of certified nursing assistants, then you need to find out what the training and licensing requirements are for your state. The Federal government says that every practicing CNA must pass a licensing exam for their practicing state before they can be allowed to work.

 In every state, there is a training requirement before a person is allowed even to take the exam.

 Most often, the requirement is 75 hours of training from a certified school or program. Sometimes, however, more training is required by the state. To be sure you are following the requirements closely; find out what is necessary in your state before deciding on where to train.

Whichever route you choose, you should be extra careful in researching your options.

Most of the time the local schools and programs will be in compliance with state training requirements, but the online options may be different. Because they may not operate in your particular state, not all of them may offer the amount of type of training you need.

 It is not uncommon for a person to take CNA classes online and then still need a few hours of “on site” training before he or she is allowed to take their state exam. Be sure you research your online options thoroughly so you are not surprised if this is the case.

The largest “bonus” for certified nursing assistants is the great pay. It is no secret that a CNA can easily make $15 or more an hour. Many, however, state they wish someone had told them that the hours are rather long and hard. No one should assume that being a CNA is equivalent to a free ride.

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