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Spiritual Pain Is Just As Important To Remember

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Years ago in my gym class high, he jumped from the stands and a sprained ankle badly. I sat there holding my ankle and was the face was a little tense in an expression of pain, although there were no tears, no crying and no drama. However, one of my classmates accused me of acting like a baby. I was more embarrassed for years, because even my own family had the attitude of “do not disturb your pain”, “Do I have shame to put it / what people think” type of stoicism.

Then I went through the formation of the ANC and the first six months of the LVN school, and read what the book had to say about pain. The first thing I learned is that people and different cultures have different attitudes about pain and express it differently. Even within the same culture, people express their grief differently. The second thing I learned was that people should not be judged by how they express their pain, and people with chronic pain can look and act normal and have normal vital signs. The shame me up when I realized that there was nothing wrong in expressing my sorrow, but I was angry and disgusted by the attitude of the leaders I have met.

A year before the CNA class, I woke up with abdominal pain has been worse as the day progressed. I went to the doctor to see if it was appendicitis. Proved to be a ruptured ovarian cyst. The pain was great, at 8 on a scale of 10. individual physician’s office had rates of pain in the pain scale, and the doctor told me to take ibuprofen for pain, instead of writing a prescription for a painkiller. Ibuprofen did not even touch the pain. I agree and I say that because, when I was ill and thought that ibuprofen was all that was recommended and all I want to do, and not to prescribe something stronger. I do not know about codeine, as my dentist has prescribed after wisdom teeth touch. Really helped the pain.

When I took the pharmacy, I learned from other types of pain, and wondering why the doctor to prove otherwise, even if Toradol? Why not just tell them to return and ibuprofen does not help? I have said, “That’s all we can offer? Have you thought of me as an applicant for drugs? By type of wonder what would happen if I had a broken bone. (Maybe I have to read my card)

I took care of a resident with dementia, when I was the CNA and the resident would swear in custody. A few months before I got the job I had Clinicals in the same facility and shared the same residence allocated to me, and that resident was not a gang and then I wondered why. I would consult with other colleagues tell this exotic “Do not swear, and I think they thought it was a thing of the behavior. One day, I gave the resident a shower and when I heard curses touched a knee, so I asked: “Is your knee hurt?”. The resident said yes and I told the nurse. After the resident did not pay as much because the pain has finally been sufficiently taken into account. I do not know how long this person has to live with the pain, because the staff thought it was a matter of behavior.

I’ve heard of doctors were reluctant to give pain medication terminal cancer. I never understood that, because if someone has a terminal cancer, is in much pain and will die anyway, would have hooked at least of their problems. Or people with chronic pain is medicated for that reason, and their quality of life deteriorate. In addition, people with dementia under medicated because their pain is not acknowledged. I even heard a couple of nurses are reluctant to give medication prescribed by law, or to try to avoid them altogether, or waiting for their analgesic medication, and it is false because people are suffering needlessly.

In a sense we are all looking for drugs and clock watchers. After my wisdom teeth pulled, I was prescribed codeine Tylenol tablets every 4 hours. During the night, my jaw would hurt, and when I looked at the time, would be 4 hours after the last dose. No need to watch the clock, the 7.10 in my jaw pain has done for me. When we have a cold, go to the store for prescription drugs. We review the guidelines regularly to take and look at the clock to know when your next dose may be taken.