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Start Your Bussiness On Nursing

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As a nurse, I never thought I would be in a position I am now. I used my nursing skills and qualifications to start a small DBA. I just closed the books for January, 09 and my wife and I go after a total of $ 158,000. Not bad for being in business for 4 months now. We want to be on track for the company 3 million this year.Now ask you what type of legal affairs, he could do that kind of money? Well let me tell you. I am in the process of dying. I clean the scenes of death and crime. It seems a bit strange and surreal to me right now in this case. It seems I spent my whole life with death. In my 20’s and early 30, I was a special forces soldier. During this period I was the cause of death. So when I left the service and became a nurse, I spent my time helping people to fight against death (which I still do). Now that I look at the end of my career, I clean now after death. I think I have come full circle somehow.

I know this sounds interesting, but let me tell you, this activity can be difficult for you. It takes a strong stomach and constitution. The judge lifted the body, but not all parts of the body. I literally picked up the pieces of scalp and bone and some fingers. Everything is destroyed. The smell can be overwhelming. A decomposing body can leave some odors and large spots. I had to remove and replace underground before. The wood is very expensive REDBAG and burn, but you have to do it properly. Sometimes they even pick up the teeth on the walls and ceilings. And imagine doing with a grieving family standing on you and ask why this happened. Now also imagine doing this in a biohazard suit with a respirator, possibly, no AC or heat in the place. That is where most of my nursing training in I empathize, but not enough to allow pain and the scene to affect me or my team.I will give the family a list of resources that helps with grieving that I have acquired over the years as a nurse, I also have social worker info and even legal info that I can give them. I try to offer a compassionate service in their time of need. When I leave I know that I have done the family a service and can feel good about it.

And to think I started this business with less than $ 10 000 USD savings of more than 8 months. I bought a used 1998 Ryder moving truck and painted it white for a total price of the 3400th I bought saws and wet vacuums dry matter. I use buckets and plastic putty knife a little. A fish tank in the elements of Soft Cleaner ii. Tyvek biohazard suits and gloves and masks .. both face and half mask. I even took a course in this type of cleaning to obtain certification Abra (American Bio Recovery Association). I have more of a hand held steam, used for steam-dried material brain, such as cement when dry. A generator and lights to work at night or when there is no power. I spend a lot of house hold cleaners a couple of industrial cleaners and bug bombs to kill flies and maggots. I also have a large ozone generator to help kill the odor and air quality. I am a complete cleaning facility on wheels.I am a complete cleaning facility on wheels. I have a photo printer to print out photos of the scene both before and after for the insurance companies as well as for the family if they want them. 

Now I am keeping two teams working almost full time. These guys are high school graduates for the most part, and now earning a salary of $ 50 per hour high, and if it can be a year that will bring 75 per hour. I believe in and pay a good job. This activity is more difficult for people. You can see some of the worst things in life and have to clean. I sold this business like crazy to start however. I literally played almost all hotels, motels, shopping centers and the funeral home, hospital, church and police and firefighters in a 300 mile radius of me. I am constantly calling and asking how things are going for them and remind them that if you ever need my services, just remember that I offer you guaranteed satisfaction and total discretion. Worthwhile.