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The Duties and Responsibilities of a CNA

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The job description of a CNA goes far beyond attending to the basic needs of patients. CNA’s perform a very important role in the frontline of medical care. In this article we will look at the duties and responsibilities of a nursing assistant.

 The CNA assists the nursing staff in admitting, transferring and discharging patients. The nursing assistant may have to lift patients while transporting them. The nursing assistant is also expected to assist in preparation of the required documentation. When a patient is admitted to a medical facility, the CNA is expected to take care of all hygiene needs of the patient. This includes bathing as well as changing beds. Other duties include feeding the patient, checking vital signs and ambulating.

 A nursing assistant is also expected to ensure that the surrounding area of the patient is clean. In addition to the physical aspect of patient care, a CNA is required to provide a certain level of emotional support to the patient. A nursing assistant comes into more contact with the patient than any other member of the medical staff. This allows them to be closer to the patient and the CNA may use this to provide some form of social and emotional support.

Aside from the duties and responsibilities of a CNA mentioned above, a nursing assistant has to have a number of skills as well as qualification to be able to perform his/her tasks properly. A valid CNA certification is required before being allowed to work. Nurse aides must have proper communication skills to be able to interact well with patients.

Arithmetic skills and a good command of English are also top priority. The working conditions that a CNA works in can be a little tedious. Heavy lifting is sometimes required to move patients. The CNA may be exposed to harmful chemicals during the course of work. The susceptibility to communicable diseases is also of a higher degree.

The work timings may also be a little abnormal for someone expecting a 9 to 5 job. As a nursing assistant the shifts can be at anytime of the day or night. Most medical facilities will not allow a member of the nursing staff to have a fixed time every day. The shifts will keep on changing every week. If you are contemplating a career as a CNA you might feel that the work required and the timings might make it a little too difficult for you.

It might seem that way, but no job in this world will give you the satisfaction you get as a CNA when you are able to see a patient you cared for leaving the medical facility all fit and healthy Article Source:

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