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The Dynamics Of The Nursing Relationships Within The Hospital

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How would you define nursing? Caring? Love? Help? What is a nurse for you? These are all great questions to ask a nurse or himself. I am a sophomore nursing and so far I have done over 200 hours of clinical practice. Throughout my short career so far I have seen many interesting things. The patient is in and the nurse’s hand. One thing that I can not help but notice and even get sucked into horizontal violence and viciousness that the results of the hierarchical system operated oppressed nurses have themselves created.

One thing that I like the nursing school emphasizes is the “think critically,““use your head.”  This seems like common sense, no? Well, if that makes sense because so many nurses do not? I made several comments and actions made incredible all the nurses, who make me question the ability of the operator to think and act critically. Let us look at two of these situations.

Situation 1: You are in a given situation. Now, you, the reader should think critically about this scenario. You are presented with an obese client. He arrived at the hospital because she feels very tired, very weak, has vision problems and is having difficulty breathing and shortness of breath. There is also a type 2 diabetic. He also says he has not canceled in 2 days. During inspection you can see that the moderate peripheral edema in the legs and auscultation of the lungs, you hear crunching. You take your level of blood glucose is 12. You must notify the doctor who then feel like it would be necessary to initiate this gentleman of 2 units of insulin infusion in progress at 82 ml / h.

Situation 2: I was asked by an LPN, to go to the bedside of my patient. So taking my client is physically obese, unable to move well, and suffers from asthma and immunocromprimisation caused by an infection, I decided to make a closed bed, not inside on the sides (to allow easy lifting plates). I chose this over an open bed, because:

a) The patient is clinically obese, you can not get to hear again the legs of a blanket is pulled all the way to the end of the bed.

b) Hospitals are known to pay their passport look very clean. In particular, the presence of a feces Ascomycota, Known as otherwise traced dance bags. These Have been known to asthma and aggravating allergies in BC So be patient discursive immunocomprimised aspergillus.

What happened to collaborative practice? You know a big problem in health care? It is not budget cuts, lack of effective collaborative practice. Doctors are equally to blame the nurses. Doctors with their god complex that has seen patients as less than them. Again, nurses are not better, also sees patients as worse than them. And put a doctor and a nurse in the room, he usually finishes as well as it could. reform health care must go beyond the budget. It should go to the sociological part of the health system. Nobody has really studied the interpersonal relations that go into the hospital. It would be interesting to hire a cultural anthropologist to spend a month in hospital, uses participant observation of nurses and doctors. I would be very interested in the report come from there.

In conclusion, it appears that nursing should be much improved. The education is there, it was well formulated to meet the growing demand for nurses, but personality and attitude of nurses in the system is absolutely necessary adjustments. And in any case, I say all nurses is terrible that there are wonderful nurses that I met in my short career lifespan, but the number of nurses bad outweighs the number of nurses good. I really hope to see improvements on the road. I wrote this article to try to open the eyes of other nurses. Take a look at what is happening around you, think critically and ask yourself what kind of nurse are you?