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The Ultimate Goal-Dedication To Work With Patients

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I am currently a medical assistant and worked in a pediatric clinic. Being a medical assistant to give you more than you can do, such as blood draws (not just the finger stick glucose in the blood), injections, cultures of throat, wound care and more. I also worked as a caregiver, I do not know the CNA, but basically the same concept. I worked in a nursing home / assisted living facility. It was not a nursing home. I helped with exercises, toilets, showers, mainly ADLS.They both have their advantages. I like being a medical assistant smuch more. I feel I am a little more out of it as a master of a caregiver. I did not like being a caregiver to all.

I think especially since I took such pride in my work. In my position I have always done that residents who had obtained toiletted toiletted. I would come and start my watch and residents would be soggy. So wet that I had to change clothes, sheets, etc. It is very frustrating when others do not take as much care as they should. I felt like things were neglected, and I could not see, so I stopped. I know this is probably not true everywhere.

The people were great! It’s a good thing I can say about it. It was nice getting to know some of them and listen to some of their stories. I found I had much in common with some of them. It was so great when I would get a hug, a smile or thank you. It makes me feel like I really make a difference.Last year, I asked five nursing schools (not go), but if I remember correctly, most of them have any work experience points (regardless of AD or Carega /CNA). I have points to work as a school caretaker.He ‘s gone to how many hours I worked. I think the whole period of one year: 6 points, which was the maximum. I think it was on Clatsop Community College (where I am going this year!).

Clackamas gives 3 points, plus I think 3 or more to obtain a master’s degree from them.From what I hear, wants all schools that you get your CNA, or at least follow theĀ  CNA course before starting nursing school. I did not take the NA, but I can take a course in nursing skills through Clatsop. It takes place in the NA.Therefore, it is a very difficult decision for you. Anyway, you’ll get great hands on experience.

Another thing to think about paying for MA and CNA. BUT I think I paid more. You can work in hospitals, clinics, urgent care, etc. Most of the places I used to work at night. You basicalloly MF 8-5 kind of thing. Get paid leave, decent performance (depending on where you work).At my clinic, there are some Saturdays available, it is not manditory. But nice when you work a weekend (approx. 4 hours), we get paid time and a half. Winter hours for the weekend is a little different.

As a CNA you can work at night. And will miss the holidays, sometimes without extra pay. Again this will depend on where you work. I know where I work as a caregiver benefits offered, but it was time workers oh vacation time (as well as AD. I get two weeks a year after my first year, plus sick leave )

Another thing (I know this is getting long type) if you plan to work full time as a master, it can be difficult to make progress. Some clinics may not work with your school schedule.If you work part time, but some will be quite accomidating. It gets very busy during the influenza season. Our hours change to accomidate a considerable flow of patients (I work for a really good clinic, 4 seats total, 10 providers).Just something to think about someone who does both. I have to say as medical advice. It’s great! If you want to talk more send me a private message. I can not answer any questions that you have more.

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