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To Have Taken Over, Aches And Pains Of Aging Problems Of Professional Action Required

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My team of eight hours in the nursing home is over, if I leave my truck to go home monotonous. Driving in my yard, you need all the energy to carry me home. I managed to limp through the door and failure in my chair with a big sigh of relief. How I can remove my shoelaces and my white socks were orthopedic nursing, much to my regret, I think “cankles” will prevail. (Cankles is when the ankles / calves are merged into one only.)

The socks lay in a pile next to my shoes, but looking at your feet that seemed to be still important, because the detector ridges and indentations, which are still present. Too tired to be offended too familiar sight, I always limp in my room at night ritual of refreshing, PJ dress and collapse into bed.

After waking up the next morning my “cankles, socks and feet is impaired, but my toes are square, massive and sensitive to the touch making me get off my morning coffee with a process like a penguin. After a cup of steamy “cowboy coffee strong,” my mind clears with thoughts of “It’s not fair!” “My mind is sharp,” I review the events of the last quarter covers 911, where an emergency has been handled well with my knowledge and expertise that comes with 30 years humpin rooms. “Certainly, more I run …. but my pace is still alive! Upon arrival, my advice is still valid. Nor did the EMT give young white-haired former nurse of difficulty explaining why it is an emergency, and why they were called. My presence leaves no doubt that I’m “head nurse” to move.

In the end, the weekend arrives in time to play outside, being with friends for the evening, the film, perhaps with the girls, stress relievers, and dance.

Life is beautiful, fun to be had, but a problem … if I get up to dance, my knee cooperates or fold?

Young at heart, but the parents of the whole body hurts more than it should. Great white blond hair flowing, and very few wrinkles and hide, no one has a clue to my real age, or until further notice. nice shirt with a touch of “Ladylike sexy” to hear more. Laughing, relaxing and fun, all my breastfeeding problems are put out of my mind, I almost feel like I’m 30 again. Over time I have a light mood, my energy will go up and I think it’s wonderful, even if it is a matter of hours.

So my comment is nursing young and full of energy and vitality … beware! One day, you have an old white-haired nurse, you see. You have aches and pains come in due time, but hopefully they do not behave the same way as they do now. This is the best job ever and I would not trade this experience anywhere!