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Transition In The Field Of Medicine

December 20, 2010 by  
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Choose nursing as an undergraduate was in large part to reflect the wisdom of my father. It was after I learned of the nursing vocation really is. Whenever the nursing knowledge that has been rewarding and unambiguous focus on the needs of the person next to him. Day after day nursing practice became almost hard to see that there was another world out there and that the focus can be moved.

Moving to the United States, gave an adequate reason to consider ways to be effective in more ways than one, without having to completely abandon nursing. I was ecstatic to learn that nurses in America, with the right investment, can apply their skills and knowledge in a multitude of ways! Then the University of California at San Francisco gave me the opportunity to be part of their MSc in Nursing, specializing in clinical research management. It was a natural choice for my transition wishes get more involved in the largest scale in the public health through clinical research, particularly drug safety and pharmacovigilance – the collection, reporting, auditing and aggregation of data security products for later if approved by regulators, may be used by the general public.

After doing this for several years now I want to learn to make sense of quantitative data and effectively communicate results to stakeholders, including our patients, regulators and the scientific community.

Enter: the MSP with a specialization in epidemiology … and I want to pursue this quickly. I imagine using epidemiological methods to pharmacological issues that I encounter in clinical trials, such as pharmacovigilance, drug utilization, comparisons of efficiency, and pharmacovigilance. Collaborate with colleagues, this training will allow me to make a risk-benefit assessment of a molecule or substance that is important in building safety profile of the product that clinicians use in their practices and streamline or develop programs adequate risk management.

I’ll be able to help design studies to estimate the probability of the beneficial effects of a product in specific populations such as elderly patients or HIV, or to conduct a Phase IV to identify problems post-marketing may not be evident when the product is being studied in a rigorous protocol and limited exploration data or information on ownership records of pregnant women who were exposed to HIV – all good of course, under strict guidelines on the protection of subjects. It is the application of nursing in a global context.

I guess this and other opportunities to continue the opportunity to go beyond the edge of the bed is not only available here in the land of opportunity, but also elsewhere. However, I feel that America, despite its flaws, is actually the one who nurtures and values of individuals and groups and communities to pursue and protect life, liberty and happiness. Congratulations to my colleagues around the world that focus on individual care and those who make a difference on the world stage!