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What a waste – A PhD go to be CNA

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My god, what a waste, a PhD go to be CNA. I am in MA too.

I had CNA training in college about four and half months. Paid 1500 for it. Had rotation in nursing home and hospital for 2 weeks.

In NH, CNA job is pretty much very heavy physical work all day along. Most of the elder lost ability to get up of the bed. This means you need change their diaper, wipe and clean the mass. 1of my classmates vomited the first day. I hurt my back badly while I tried to help a lady up from her whirl chair to bed. No energy to do anything after back home.

Probably it is easy to get job in N H, they are always hiring, because people comes goes frequently. I would never look for CNA job there after the experience. Hospitals are not too bad. But it is harder to get into. I applied few local hospitals, never heard anything back. I finished my all prerequisites and waiting to get into the program.

I don’t think it is a good idea to mention your PhD, otherwise they think you are overqulified.