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What Is The Experience Of Going From CNA To CHHA?

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I’m taking my CNA test three weeks, although I was interviewed in private nursing agency this month, and just assumed. I do not require a CNA first. I have tested several things: HIV / AIDS, domestic violence, seniors / abuse, assistance for self-medication, patients’ rights and duties, etc., and when I took the test and passed (I had to score 100 or wouldn ‘t hire me), gave my HHA certificate.

I also had to be CPR / AED heath medical certificate and BLS to know before getting hired. This is all the HHA or CNA, you must obtain CPR and health care provider before taking any. Red Cross offers this. So the answer to your question, I was able to get HHA Certified Private Duty Agency, when I passed their tests, but I have my CPR card, without any formal training CNA.

Now, this may be specific to the Agency because he knew I had been a doctor Alzheimer’s disease for 4 years and has extensive experience with the elderly. Now, after getting my CNA, which will increase my salary, but the starting salary going this route is not very large. I begin to hours $ 10. In a few weeks if the state passes the exam and get my CNA should be able to get a few dollars more per hour.

The drawback of the duties is not private profit. On the positive side, the hours are Monday through Friday, and no later than 5:00 PM. The same goes for HHA agencies in my county. good time, great benefits and about $ 14 – $ 20 per hour. health aides at home I had for my programs received $ 14 per hour, great benefits not available Monday to Friday, 9-5, and has about 6 clients per day. My grams HHA / CNA has been in the hospice and would come on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and grams bed bath, foot care, and wash their hair once a week.

On occasion, I asked if she suck your hands and nails clean grams, but here in Fl, that HHA / CNA is not allowed to cut the client / patient nails. In Florida, a CNA can work as a HHA, HHA but may not work as a CNA. CNA are recorded and regulated by the Florida BON. HHA are not. They are trained by the agency that employs them, and the Agency is authorized and regulated Healhcare Administration Agency.