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What To Expect When Working As A Certified Nursing Assistant

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Certified Nursing Assistants, or CNAs, play a vital role in the modern health care environment. Without the dedication and hard work of CNAs life for both nurses and doctors would be a whole lot more difficult.

When you train for your certified nursing assistant exam, you obviously don’t have any idea what to actually expect for the job when you begin employment for real. Often your training will compose of an element of on the job training to enable you to familiarize yourself with the job and the environment in which you will eventually work.

If your training does not encompass on the job training, then you will usually be given scenarios that are designed to go someway to preparing you for what to expect, while useful, there is obviously no replacement for practice and time spent in the actual environment where you will work.

Hard Work, But Greatly Rewarding

Your day to day life as a CNA will be, for want of a better word, busy. There is no doubt that nursing assistants have a busy working life compared to many other careers, from the first minute of your day until the time you leave work, which may well be after your scheduled end of shift time, you will be on your feet and endlessly going from one place to another in fulfilment of your duties.

You will be constantly attending to patients needs, helping with meals and fluids, cleaning patient areas and moving patients between wards and different areas of the hospital, as well as offering an understanding ear whenever a patient has some concerns or fears over their time in hospital, or sometimes their lives in general.

While the work is busy, the rewards are great. Obviously, like anybody working in the health care field, a typical CNA is caring by nature, and by virtue of this takes pleasure from helping others and making others lives that little bit more enjoyable whenever the opportunity arises. There are no shortage of opportunities everyday when working as a CNA to bring a smile to a face, or make the day a little brighter for a poorly child.

Of course total professionalism is expected at all times, and required. A hospital environment is a hive of potential accidents and lawsuits waiting to happen, and you must play your part in ensuring your patients, colleagues and workplace are as safe as possible, and also that you carry out your duties to the very best of your ability.

Satisfaction, And Making A Difference

Despite the hard work, most CNAs will agree the job is worthwhile, there is a sense of satisfaction at the end of each day that some good was done, and that you do make a difference to people’s experience and time while they are in hospital, and when they leave and go home, they may well remember you for the rest of their lives as the person who made what otherwise may have been a worrying and stressful experience, instead a much less traumatic and frightening one.

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