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Wow, That Was Depressing!

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When you have a child of 15 years with chronic kidney disease (CKD). He is so cute and smiling while taking a blood sample. When a child under 2 years of age is kept NPO (nothing by mouth) and crying for water. All I can give as a nurse is a small sips of water to moisten the mouth and lips. When he meets a young man of 24 years diagnosed with metastatic cancer spread throughout the body. And you know it will not, but always keep the smile and ask “Are you a fan of Real Madrid or Barcelona,” he smiled and replied: “I am with the club and we won yesterday Claccico”

When you see the future mother of his young daughter every morning, which is a congenital birth defect, and he comes every morning in the last 14 years.When the patient is dying. The whole family is surrounded by crying and nothing can be done. When a patient dies and the only change for him. When patients need to be complaining about the severe headaches and the doctors can not find who has a malignant brain tumor. Patients will ask you to nurse what my results show that there is something wrong with me? ” You can not say that only because doctors, until the relatives come and talk to them first.

When a patient comes with a second degree burns all over his arm and chest. I was curious how it happened and why he did not away from fire … … when I looked around the room, I saw a wheelchair beside the bed. . The patient was in a wheelchair for two years in a car accident.

When working in a center to fight against cancer and everything that comes from patients, doctors, nurses and visitors are all sad and depressed. I asked, “Is it cancer or people who have people who have cancer.”

When you find a causal link worker with one leg amputated and I am having the site of infection. They can not afford treatment and yet she was smiling and talking to me.

Everything that we encounter in the hospital, we can talk. And at the end of the day, you’ll feel so sad and filled with melancholy. You can not sleep and you can say that this is the worst day in my work. But you go home and you sleep deeply, you can go out with friends having fun. And the next day and just another sad day may come.

Such is life .. and became a part of our life and we adapt and grow. For beyond all that we are sometimes able to bring smiles to the faces and are able to change things. And about that worker in the leg amputated, we, the nurses were able to raise money for their drugs and has received the required medical care. And if the end of the story above some others are sad end.